I would love to (2017)I would love to (2017)  
My medicine is love (2017)My medicine is love (2017)  
The we of happily (2017)The we of happily (2017)
Takes a brave heart (2016)Takes a brave heart (2016)
Being a loving being (2016)Being a loving being (2016) The book of Larry (2016)The book of Larry (2016)
In fest of us (2016)In fest of us (2016) Spirit spark my heart (2016)Spirit spark my heart (2016)
You have my word (2015)You have my word (2015) Lets share our medicine (2015)Lets share our medicine (2015)
Goddess of us all (2015)Goddess of us all (2015) Thats how life works (2015)Thats how life works (2015)
Use me my muse (2014)Use me my muse (2014) A leaf and feather (2014)A leaf and feather (2014)
Back to sea poetry (2014)Back to sea poetry (2014) The nod of God (2014)The nod of God (2014)
Love shine on me (2013)Love shine on me (2013) I make love poem (2013)I make love poem (2013)
The black October skies (2013)The black October skies (2013) A leaf and petal (2012)A leaf and petal (2012)
One more poem please (2011)One more poem please (2011) A feather of forever (2011)A feather of forever (2011)
Art of the heart (2010)Art of the heart (2010) A pocket full of poetry (2008)A pocketful of poetry (2008)
Spoke of the wheel (2007)Spoke of the wheel (2007)) Every step every breath (2006)Every step every breath (2006)