Another day, another snow ----------------------------------------------
© Copyright 2005 Lawrence A. McFadden • All rights reserved

the sun the sky

the wind felt like

feathers on my skin

warm and new born

an autumn feast

of belief each leaf

a thousand thoughts

in my head

and i still remember

what you said

like it was yesterday

and i still knew

it was true

my love for you

this day the leaves

wrinkle and tinkle

colorfully a union

of breeze and trees

to dazzle me to take

and to make today

a memory of golden




i open my voice

and close my eyes

white feather black sky

no words yet i ramble

on inside

i spend the days asleep

and the nights alive

to learn night and day

shines the same way

with love for you

the view

clear through what

appears to be reality

spiritually the spirit

is realized through


those that know

only know the history

the box

we lived in the talk

we believed in the want

indeed the need to pour

our empty lives

into wonder into

thunder into never

and forever

into the crystal clear

black october sky

i ramble on



watch it

the wind is not empty

and the night fills with a chill

spilling through my window

slipping between the sheets

i smile and pause in awe

tripping through my years

of tears sipping on what

each drop taught

i have no song of right

and wrong i have no cause

to fear or blame i just wish

you could be here in the bowl

of my soul to feel the warmth

of our bodies the touch of our

tongues to seam together our

dreams to live forever tonight

where can i find you when

i am alone here it comes

and there it goes i miss you

and i know it shows in my

walk in my talk is it it is

a very real feel above as below

the spirit of the wind chimes

this rhyme this time alone


dance with me

and i will dance

for you

is your love

long distance

does anyone know

how to heal


all men are holy

all women are sacred

i can hear your voice

you can hear my heart

roar in the longing

of the longest night

and smallest day

to enter winter

and greet the gray

between black and

white between today

and tomorrow through

the door on all fours

my spirit soars


dream with me

and i will dream

of you

be light of

heart warm

with shared breath

carefull of frost

walking within this

world of winter a frozen

world my chosen world

whitescape across

the fields and woods

that gang with deer

clang with geese

in the quiet choir

of the snow and wind

now gathering grays

bundled in wonder

i hear her slumber

the crunch of my

footsteps and the hush

of dusk


with a snug of my hat

that looks like that

i begin again

with winter my companion

there is peace where

the winter ends here

where the winter begins

again too

will your fears last

forever will you always

be afraid

we become what we love

we become what we hate

through the space of our

lives through the time

of day now all my thoughts

are soothed through

and through

with lots and lots

of snowflakes

as i awake to a calm

winters night and i begin

again to dream

of you


my god look

i'm through

the snows twinkle

like stars a diamond

bright sight

the calm frozen

sky falls and fell


the clouds and moon

too sang her song

last night long

she was a moon

full of love full

of shadow

full of doves


from where to where

a snowflake falls

through my faults

through my thoughts

as light as a feather

like the wind the silence

i hear talk talk to me

a choir of our desires

united below zero

to behold where the words

go through my faults

through my thoughts

where the snowflakes

go i return to here

my heart's desire


yule the jewel

of snow below zero

under ice hidden

yet warmed with fire

with cuddle soothed

through quiet through

the rhythm and dance

soundlessly where the

flames flicker where

feelings flow where

the soul glows

here where there

is peace there is

reason and angels

in the snow i too hide

how today is blessed

in every way


i saw the thaw

in awe the call to all

of the sun to the frozen

i felt my cold world melt

i felt free i felt the warm

breath of the warm winds

melt me

soon i will sleep deep

in dream deep in winter

deep in freeze lost in frost

hidden in snow and shadow

the wizards with blizzards

bring till again she sings

a day in the blaze of the sun

like spring

i grip my need to let go

of the shiver of the cold

the unseen days and nights

unknown show me your

love she says and tickles

my nose do not think

you are alone


crystal cold crystal clear

crystal bright black winter

night as deep as the snow

as high as the sky as wide

as my grin the snow that

had fallen calming calling

the silence through the

millions of years this snow

has appeared like a flake

fell for each night snow

had fallen past upon the winds

the silence empties my head

and i hear my soul speak

these words in a oneness

of wonder i am what i see

naturally i am the mountains

i am the sea i am the snow

that melts in me


i lose my focus

my laughter my will

and struggle

simply taught in gets

and gots i want

to fill the emptiness

with my wants to stop

the stillness this unknown

feeling of the unknown

a certain uncertainty

overwhelms me

like febuary see i freeze

i feel frozen and gray

like winter has won

and i lose my words

the touch of my tongue

and the hope in my hands

dwindles in ifs i only knew

why i want to know why

i feel lost in the longing

of the frost of the first

two weeks of every march


share these rains

this flame the pain

with me

will you take the time

to listen to my song

will you be gone

when i am strong

i say stay

and whisper my plea

perfection is only a tease

whats wrong with winter

whats wrong with me

i sense the chill

and feel the mystery

show me the measure

of your pleasure

rule me

in my solitude

my want of you

what my hands can do

a dream come true

you have the power

to awken me


you have the power

to guide me


you have the power

to keep me


muse me

use our wisdom

our intuition our

love to see

we share the same rain

the same flame the same

pain indeed


gray skies

my old friend

you have come to

walk with me again

i seek the sun moon

and stars you say

follow your heart

no matter how near

or how far

and my wands

of winter cold

winds and snows

will show you why

thank you i said

i love the way your

beard fills the sky

you are like the trees

to me and in the wink

of an eye my gloom

and doom was



do the snows know

where the snowflakes go

god knows i don't know

i wonder

where do the winds

begin is the breeze

free i am in awe

of you tall tree

i sigh in the silence

in the emptiness

within me inside

winter like a mumble

bundled in slumber

i am one with wonder

i have been in love

for most of my life

and for most of my life

i have been alone

god knows i don't know

i wonder my heart

will one day die

my life of love

is the best is the

nest is the rest

of forever