Angel of the moon -----------------------------(1994) Lawrence A. McFadden

...for Danielle

"poet of the moon

seeks lady of crystal light

whose wings beat in my heart

with flights of earthly delight

deep into the night"


i did not

want to be alone

my words bled

in the silence in my head


i was yelping in hell

her eyes

looked at mine

for the first time

and spoke

what a beautiful person

you must be blessed

but you probably just

don't know it yet

and my burning hell

spell broke with the

words only an angel

could have spoke and

whose love now dwells

deep inside my private hell

i want to kiss the lips

that spoke the words

that now makes

my heart swell


i have done nothing

but think of you for days

the thoughts are too real

i feel too real a feeling

we are healing our lives

with the same possibility of long

ago that yes one day this will

of our will will one day happen

to my life i can finally let go

of the sorrow of not knowing

the angel in a woman's heart

most are dark but the light

chooses only a few and your

halo shiunes brightly

the moon of my soul

i awoke this morning with the

feeling of having been told

given a knowledge or probably

i just realized that we will make

love many times today in the warmth

of the night or when in the warmth

of our souls during the snows or

maybe not for many years from the

fear that when we make love

we will love one another



l am a child

of moons rises

in my eyes glistening

with sparkles of twilights

glow i dance the prance

of a golden bear with a halo

of those who chase away the

shadows of faithless souls

to trace the path of stardust

twinkling in your lusty eyes

as to what we can find with

moonglow in our souls and

our bodies like our lives

entwined in flight angel of

crystal light through the dreams

we once slumbered through the loves

we once blundered to the midnlght

sky that parts with wonder

the distance of a kiss we slip

through time hearts in rhyme

hot breaths rolling thunder

wet tongues strike

our cries sing across the velvet

night as in hard embrace we fall

racing ralndrops from cloudless

skies with the flame that only

ecstasy can seek to release

the beast i awake to a burning light

rambllng on all fours to the woods

of my soul to wait for the next

moon rise and the fate of the

next nights embrace

with my love my lady

an angel of crystal



when i awoke

from the songs of the night

my love was shining brighter

than the hot morning sun

i remember my prayer

in verse returning thanks

to the universe

as the sacred smoke rose

all the heavens now know

and i can't stop smiling and

dancing in my heart twirling

in my thoughts and hugging

every tree i see

so as soon as i'm through

with the mundane day

i'll fly the moon to the

twinkling lights to search

the heavens for you tonight

to give to you the gift

you have given me

three words

that polished my soul

as if i were gold


i waited a lifetime

to show the roots

of my soul

now there are no leaves

only barren trees

i waited all winter

to show where

the snow goes

now there is not

a trace

i waited all night

to show the home

of the full moon

now there is only a hole

in the shadows

i waited all of a moment

after you were gone

to realize the true emptiness

was in my arms



i opened my heart

and lowered my shield

to the eyes of the healer

i can feel again

i am real again

i am healed again

and again and again

what does the most harm

is why am i alone again

in love again to want again

i knew better

now i do not

want to be alone

in my prayers

i sit with a flame inside

and think of you

and from my unfolded hands

there flew two white doves

and there rose above

a red moon

of love


i find my self

wandering on your shore

in the calm stillness' before

the silky mists blend the shadows

into the shimmering light

of the moon

i spoke what is

an empty eternity to me

in communion with what is

a destiny could be and my life

rose like a balloon to the night sky

to be gently tugged by the string

tied to my heart in part

for the feelings i have

for you in part for

the start of my life

shared with you

i am as calm as the ponds

in the depths of your eyes

as i listen to the tide

splash gently the

slumbering shore

of your

eternal bliss


temple of the clouds

i am hand in hand in


an offering of tobacco

and the smoke brings

the songs of the night

birds singing a lullaby to

quiet the cries of lovers

you and i

in the moonbeam dream

of our lives we wait till

the time time makes

a vision of fate appear

clear and we embrace

naked with the faith

of soul mates


i hold the moon

in my hand

and paint the many

faces the clouds trace

across the night sky

with all my strength

i cannot take my love

i ache for the gift of

your touch in the hope

of your eyes

i find all i need

when the night wings

bring the soft caress

of a breeze across

my chest i dream

you are next to me

sharing the same breath


i was just sitting

on the moon waiting

for you watching the world

spin my emotions into a cob

web ebb draped from star

to star on gossamer threads

your wings spread


i watched you fly to my side

and whispering in my ear

you blessed my many years

with you near my life

is completely clear


i did not math

the path to bring

a rock from the moon

here you are

a gift to the earth

guardians since birth

to die many times diamond

is to reason a worth

strong wings can bring

staff and serpents to heal

souls of moonstone men

with the angel within

i lite my bowl

of crushed souls

to yield as a warrior

i stand bold

shoulder to shoulder

with any brother

red white black yellow

gathered together a calling

song from our earth mother

weapons of silence

shields of mirror

my brothers of the rumbling

thunder altar of the clouds


i am man

in cherished desire i am

soothed by a further command

to take you my angel by the hand

to share in the wisdom come


i give my love

the many moons above

for in a world of push and

shove i can only hold her

in the hands of my heart

to nurture till she's sure

and once more we are

apart like the clouds

that cross night skies

the sails of my soul follow

her wings on the wind

and soon we will need to

rest and i would feel blessed

to share a nest on a jeweled

moon and embrace while the

world below aches


the color

of the moon tonight

is nude through the eyes

of you are witness to the river

of love that glistens the

soul and sparkles your eyes

like a fountain i drink the

stars from the sky till only

your eyes remain sane while

i go crazy from the downy way

you pull me down on top of you

the earth in the temple

of our rebirth


the flame inside

has melted me like

the moon waxes in nights '

of shining tides sleeping by

your side i thought you'd never

let go as our rhythm gently pulsed

the trees kneeled close

to see the way our song

was filling the air all night long

and just about then you

stopped trembling and said

you loved me again as the

gray early morning rain

began falling asleep we

laughed and the trees were

grinning knowing our dreams

were filling with our songs

of the night


orange moon


in a black velvet night

i see the shadow

in the darkness

of your eyes

window of the soul

i know

the charm and harm

to those who dream

and who dares

to love

i do

in pools of moonlight

i wait till you can

straighten your halo

and slip your hand

in mine

until the end

of time


the pumpkin moon

fell into the diamond

pond i held in my arms

wings of satin wands and

eyes that make vagabonds long

for home when you cry

out for more i was sure

intense and shuddered in

silence as a breeze wrapped

around us in the still night

air a sacred moment in our

solitaire yet you grew scared

and weren't aware the earth

the moon and all i do

is for you


i seek

from the mountains

of the rising moon

a peek into the stream

like view of your dreams

i kneel by your dark side

in prayer with the watchful

eyes of your guardian lives

and soon the storybook view

of the fantasy of love you

wish to come true appears

and i am a man in the moon

you won't need until you learn

to love reality i can be anything

you want me to be


i dream

in the brightness

of the moon at the edge

of the woods in the shadows

of my soul voices keep

telling me of your flights

of fancy and all i can do

is search what night is day

and what day is night

asleep my half-opened eyes

shine rays of light in streams

of diamonds that roll down my

cheeks with the thunder of

my life in the flash of light

of another naked night



empty sky

there is no moon

stars in union with

the gloom do not twinkle

but the black night winks

from the candlelight glow

of an angel's halo

in search of others souls

to love to save to hold

told the moon

is made of gold who hears

moons cry the lunatic

life from the other side

of the world a teardrop

calls here is the moon

the most foolish lover

of all


i knew

without a touch

you were as distant

from me as the paper moon

kissing the blaze of the noon

day sun and I welcome

such a fate in place of the

ache your absence makes

me walk forth with your light

years ahead in the mercy

and grace of our earth mother

to search again for another

love from heavens above


i folded the golden moon

up and in my pocket with all

the miracles of today

to save these gifts i give them

away like the others the hurt

in my heart makes me stop this

is not love a flutter of wings and

i open my heart for you to be

free as your sight melts into

the night and the light of

your soul but a star my heart is

the broken spell of a shattered

hell i had fallen in love in an

instant again only to begin

my life alone diamond