Beam of the dream -----------------------------(2002) Lawrence A. McFadden

Dedicated to the Goddess

of Ayahuasca

we have come to bang the drum

the land trembles with dancers

-r. robertson


behold the ego

i could not hold on

i could not let go

i never knew i never knew

how wrong i could see

i did what i wanted

and in the ugliness of the misuse

of you all my fears came true

now i know how you are armed with harm

i lived to see the dawn

and was shown my every wrong

i was told yet i never knew

the lesson of the true power within you

i am sorry for my want and abuse


i spoke to you with words

i did not understand

now i see you shine

in hearts and minds

i hear your voice

everywhere i look

i feel you inside

a cry a hurt

giving sorrow a sacred

worth a birth

of the true beauty of life

and love

your heaven on earth


temple of flesh

the tissue of skin

art of the heart

of the heart within

the eye of the eye of the eye

to touch every touch

as one

one breath one tongue

the yes of every come

the rest has begun

the evening sun

dusk and twilight


i see through you

on beams of the dreams

your life of life


thank you mother

thank you for the medicine of you

my prayer always honor and respect

my prayer being your instrument and tool of love

my prayer being me

my prayer being you


above and below

from the bottom of the sea

from the peek on peaks

from the woods of the soul

to the forest of the dream

in my belief of all beliefs

with the faith of all faiths

i am shown the view too

with the presence of you

the sacred love from heaven

above and from the earth below

the wisdom to come in the holiness

of the spirit to heal our mother earth


goddess of the soul

grow within me in radiance

and empty and fill me

and overflow

teach me your glow

touch me clear through

slow and bold

surrender me

with your devotion

rock me still your will

my dreams of you

my beams of you

are true


i lit my bowl of crushed souls

and my spirit rose to father sky

i am in darkness i said

bring me from the darknees

father sky said rise and comfort

as silence grew and silence grew

and silence grew a shield

father sky said what do you see

appear i said i see through

my darkness

and a hawk looked me in the eye

father sky said i see like a hawk

and the only talk was the soothe

of silence and the whisper



last night the halo

of moon and sun

kissed as one

dance as one

drum as one

the wisdom has come

love and kindness

will heal

the world as one


a poem by emily dickenson

I never saw a moor,

I never saw the sea,

Yet i know how a heather looks

And what a wave must be.

I never spoke with God,

Nor visited in heaven,

Yet certain am i on the spot

As if a chart were given.


in tribute to alan


you opened my heart

to the world

i blossom unfurl and twirl

the gifts i give within each

ripen so sweet

taste the wind

lick the light

touch the sparkle

through the gloom

my forest my nest safe

from greed and unrest

you my love

have been the seed

in deed