Kindred sisters kindred brother -----------------------------(2002-2004) Lawrence A. McFadden

i want to find different ways

to touch you explore you

adore you

i hear many things sing

around you in praise

of your wink your sparkle

your presence

i feel the gift of your spirit

and know the name

of your flame

there is no distance

when i think of you

there is no emptiness

of desire no silence

in my heart

there are no days

i want to be apart

there is no doubt in the night

of our might

this is the song of my spirit

the wish of my moon and hope

of my tomorrows


another great day basking

in the rays of special kay

serial lover of lovers

this moonbeam dreams

whispers in candlelite

sweet caresses with your sight

the gentle touch of my might

soothes and softens me often

i feel the flutter of my heart

a wisp of feathers a sip

of forever the tease from pleasure

the gifts of your rays i will

always treasure


i am watching

closely i spy

you feel inside you my eyes

and i know why you come alive

and alert and thirst

for the gaze for the look

as you took from me my awe

and dazed wonder in a glance

you saw through my trance

the chance and captured

me in your spell of romance

you knew only few

may truely see you truely touch

you truely delight you within

the view of you


like lust

like a flower

i want to brighten

your bedroom

like your kiss

answers my wish

with the sting

of the flame

of expecting

i always knew

when i first felt

the gift of you

i knew my dreams

would come true

i touch you

with all my heart

and spell my passion


your ecstasy

cries the sky through

and makes earth

heaven in the sacred

might and divine


of the night


Everything i have read and heard said

tells me of the glory of death.

I pray my mom's death

was the most gloriuos

We are here to praise mom

let us applaud her everyday

in our hearts

and sing her praise

for the rest of our lives


i close my eyes knowing

you are somewhere inside

singing in my heart

to my soul

i grow flowing as melting

gold a lake riviling the sun

with burning love

then we touch

and i am quenched

i wonder where my mind


filled with song heaven


when you have sung

you have given the gift

of the chosen ones


i see your eyes

grow wide and alive

i love the twinkle

from somewhere


but mostly the lash

drawn close to close

makes me suppose

you've thought

through your thoughts

to me and held them

like a hug spoken

with a tug and brings

the love in a shaft of light

i feel the brightness inside

you can touch me

with your eyes




a chance

to be kissed

to wish and to bless

this spell of cannibus

i fill my chalice

with this bliss

to share with you

and none the less

we are flesh

to smooth and flex

a song of nakedness

to touch

and puff and puff

and bless and rest

to touch in jah's


in your arms



i hear the words ringing

and i feel the hum

she is singing to me

with her heart a song

of long ago from her soul

and i must find the rhythm

of your muse for our hearts

to beat as one to sing as one

in time with yesterday

and tomorrow

the hope we share today

for the melodies of love

to come



you come only when you want

you leave as often as you like

touch wild a touch free

you little pussy

you are never the same

nothing else will be the same

like the wind like the sea

you little pussy

my way chases you away

you always come back to play

to want you to want me

you little pussy


i wanted you to know

before i left

our sessions together

will be blessed

the energy between us

will swell with peace

and kindness

to feel the greatest

of all strengths

a gentle touch

to heal what is

within us

to bring the glow

of our soul

and the clarity

of sight

to feel the glory

of our might


every moment

of my life

leads me to today

and i thrive within

the possibility

of the you and the me

together nothing can be

an impossibilty

with the you within the me

there is a cradle of hearts

full of the hopes of our souls

that ends and begins again

and ends and begins again

and begins again with the

life of a dream


in me

is the fire

of a million suns

in one

i am the dance

the pulse

of twilight

and i burn

in the wax

and wane

and craze

of every night

in my moonblaze

of delight


You are a thoughtful

insightful mindfull

of bliss

i miss often my

mistakes are many

my dumb luck

share my hopeful

peaceful bowlfull

of desire

i have no strategy

sometimes no reality

no rush no fuss

i am awefully no

doubtfully shamelessly

sanefully in awe

of you


request me

in your dreams

request me

with your love

i feel your reaction

to passion question

my caress question

my touch question

my taste my might

purely and surely

with no lack of fact

with no lack of desire

with no regret

i bond to this song

every possibility in you

and in me as i request

you in my dreams

with my love



the blaze

of another night

alone my fantasies burst

again into insanity again

i am freed free to dream

free to wish and wonder

free to soar once more

i cannot stop the swoosh

of wings within my heart

from softly falling

in love with you

ripple me in your waters

i await the timelessness

of your kiss and the fires

in your nights

of desire


my fire

is orange and black

i lick these flames like a cat

when i see you i swallow

a million suns when i touch

you i taste every moon anew

my fingers linger for every

thought every pulse every

desire we are taught to live

our lives in gets and gots

i am tied to you in hot knots

i drink your body like a

fountain climbing the peaks

of your passions like a

mountain i poem your moans

you coax my strokes releasing

again and again the oil of our

skin the throb of the song

we sung within the sum

of your comes till my strength

is but an ash of a million suns


i am in wonder of you

with the thought of you

i can feel the moment

of your caress the crave

of your touch i can again

feel my passion i miss

you like chocolate like

cannibliss like a lover

i hope you don't mind

my mind in temptation

in hemptation in my

temple of desire for you

cross eyed and star crossed

i see your eyes glisten

every time i am in wonder

of you


we licked our lips

for the sips of a kiss

in bliss the wish

to feel my tongueful

to taste a mouthful

playful lustful sinful

the higher and higher

the fire crazed with craving

the craze of desire

the higher and higher

the fire in a blameless

flame we blaze and blaze

and we blaze and blaze

my tongue a torch

your gaze glazed

we explode

head to toe

soul to soul

our communion

a blessing our union

a flower of forever


i seek the majick

as the tips of your lips


i feel your eyes i feel

you feel me refreshing

tempting coaxing willing

filling the need in me

with the want of you

i dream in your words

and wonder what more

than a moment

would bring to our caress

you bless me between

every goodbye and awaken

me with each hello

i want to know if what

i've learned is true about love

i want to know if what

i know is possible is possible

i embrace the world

in your arms

in peace in verse

with the universe


this is

the pen of my penis

let me give you a little

soul you are the feel

of my guitar the accuracy

of my cue be the woosh

the pull of my custom

built hot rod test my

testosterone driven

through the wrinkle

in time pounding on

the drum of forever

i want to suck from

the nipple of every breast

i want to testify the truth

of every fuck and screw

i want to be the chosen

one to make love to you

erect my pen my statue

in your church of rebirth

will you seek heaven when

you are freed in ecstasy

will you say no to me

when i say



i think of you in days

of a thousand suns

and i am soothed

and softly aloft in my

thoughts of you

when i touch you i feel

forever you are my manna

my twilight my muse

i see you in the beam

of my moon in the stream

in the fountain in a

mountain of crystal

cool clarity drink my mead

my dreams and walk with

me through the woods

of our souls to the sacred

fires in the dance of touching

tongues i offer the light

of my pipe the medicine

of my bow and the feather

of my pen to be the night

in your eyes the ecstasy

of your lips and the eternity

of your love i lick the wind

for your touch


you give me a feeling i can't

hide you give me a want alive

inside i cannot live in worlds

of words i crave touch i crave

caress and yet i must let go

out of control i rant and rave

in heavens hell the whys am i

alone silence hurts and empty

arms are the worst fill my hands

tongue and heart with what i must

say do or create for your embrace

in my ash of time to wait is a

weight that drowns

me in fire


you open my heart

to the world i unfurl

my words to be caught

in the cloth of your thoughts

to undress you for i too

am naked in the shine

of your eyes and ache

to break through space

time and rhyme to come

to you and wrap you up

in rapture