One of her Children -----------------------------(2004) Lawrence A. McFadden

"Love is the greatest power"


her love

is my burden

as light as a feather

together she bends

and mends me

i keep her in my heart

and she keeps me

in wonder

i feel her hands heal

like a prayer

like a faith

like a fate

she is the rays

of my ways

i sing these songs

of her to you hopefully

so you can feel her



i am like a tree

trying to command

the wind with roots

searching searching

for the she

my shadow my shade

ash and dust

i dream of her

grown next to me

i dream of her

sunkissed in moonbliss

i face the fact i am

alone who am i without

you i am still in your

thoughts and the wind


you guide me through

my fatal flaws my hell

searching searching

for she

i feed on what i'm fed

and what i feed

grace my embrace i too

want to walk through

the eyes of sacred love

and touch through

the emptiness of time

and space and the wind

in kind carries this song

like a seed


would you believe

there wasn't a better day

than today

i arise from the womb of winter

from the wound of loneliness

from my ash of time

to the cross eyed sky

i have survived confusion

chaos and desire

now you can see what

the warm winds melt

in me a ease a day deep

in ecstasy deep in dream

deeper than memory

a serenity a timeless

kindness hums in me

as ancient as the glory

of today

who needs to sing

in praise of the journey

who needs words for this

mystery who needs to

wonder why?

i do i am a who


i run to the sun

with all my might

on this moonlit path

my hands filled with hope

cupped with her thoughts

on sips of her love

and heartfelt desires

the beauty and wonder

of this wonderfull world

i stop in awe caught on

the thought i need not

run need not walk

taught my words are

no longer my feet

i must speak with all

my heart


i was touched


i felt the sky shine

a moon full of shimmers

the moon a monument

to this moment

each star streams

with rays i feel with

words like sticks and stones

in the warmth of the fire

just right just a little

just might

the spirit in the embers

moonlight where night

is a mirror a wall a window

a view beaming dreaming

with infinity with

divinity with twilight

tonight i see you

i feel you i love

you anew


i sense beyond

the senses i look

with touch i hear

with my tongue i lick

my thoughts i feel

all around me inside

is a frayed knot of babylon

and i struggle to unravel

each thread each dread

every shred of my life

and i have found feathers

embedded in the sky

diamonds in my mine

of my mind peace within

my belly of the beast

how where what when

who i feel you as i ask

myself why you are

my wonderfull wonder

you guide me as i walk

the path of a thought

i am often like a rock

tossed in your waters

effortlessly you smooth

me in the wake of my

dreams on my journey

through the mystery

through the darkness

you have guided me

with the light of the

soul bolder and bolder

till i am a grain of sand

resting on your sacred

shores from the ripples

in time


the wonderfull

will of the spirit

deep and dependable

the moonlit wish

the sacred twist

the shape thought

takes being one

of many like a flock

finding courage

is within

fear finding hope

is within

tears finding peace

is within

reach being one

of many wanderers

within the wands

of wonder


flesh and spirit become one

like forefinger and thumb

i see i see the walk of the talking

knee i'll bow for every reach

a tonguefull of vowels constantly

a mouthfull of earth a handfull

of fire my mind like a breeze

at times chaos at times free

the rage and tranquility

of the sea within me selflessly

versed my being a spirit

of the earth


i see you

with my love

in my heart in

my head in my life

to make a mistake

i hush and trust

the crystal of her

light the minstrel

of life to lose and

not be lost to carry

the strength the might

the vision of her love

in the wake of my

mistake in sight

in the unity of black

and white



wild goose chase

the flutter i feel

when i release and fly or flop

through the groove through

the sky i arise each day

and walk through my

darkness into the light

of the night a new path

with each step a new past

with each breath a wonder

with every beat of my heart

a hum a drum a new song

to be sung in the aftermath

of today in the afterglow

of tonight i alight


my journey

the medicine

of my path following

feathers of light like

the wings of geese

in flight i ease others

on their quests through

life friendship a mate

of spirit and faiths

together within the

v of the thoughtfull

dove of love

there is great beauty

in what we do with

heart and mind

as one



i brush the feathers

from my beard

and there is an owl

in my coffee cup

seems like last night

was the rest of my life

seems like today

is all of my tomorrows

seems like tonight

i lived all day

in dreamlight


there is nothing

above me there is

nothing below me no

beginning no end your

song may be sung forever

i sing the light of the soul

timelessly eternally sacredly

returning time and time

again like the wind on a

hard winters night like

the moon upon the tides

these words are the leaves

of the trees the rain to thirsty

streams the sun upon the dew

the voice of solitude the warmth

of the fire when love touches

you to sing the songs of the soul



hazard a guess

i close my eyes and wonder

why i search my soul

i speak no words and wonder

can you hear me

i open my heart and wonder

can you feel me

i see you in me i see

me in you like the mirror

in the sky crazy clouds

and starry nights

in the thunder of our lives

i wish you bliss i wish

you the gift of kindness

i wish for you your every wish

i close my eyes

and wish for you and hope

you wonder why


i clink with you

with a feeling a energy a spirituality

i am not told where i will flow

but i have learned to let go

those that try to put out the fire

are the ones burned by the flames

on this longest of holy nights

may we step into the blaze

of eternity and dance through

our dream to an endless drum

the beat of every heart

in the rhythm between fire

and ice in every shadow

and ray of light drink with me

and we will sing in ecstasy

of the goddess within us

from the dawn of all mankind

let us work together to heal

ourselves and our sacred

mother earth


carry the strength

of the spirit

one with the spirit

in timelessness

since day one

earth has a song

all have sung

the communion of all

tongues in the village

all are heard all are

blessed none the less

none the wiser

each a gift of the earth

open the wind

and pour the rivers

of your soul


the eye of the i

i am given the tasks

of words and eye reply

in kindness with the

earth moon and sky

show me who i am

when i open myself

up to you the medicine

of who we are eye am

who you are do you

not see with the i too

share with me the

wonder the joy the

beauty of who we

are i live my eye

in a poets dream


unlocked clock

lovelight upon a time once

again today insight the medicine

of the bow an arrow through

this world of words the question

of the call of the spirit the

question of purpose the question

of desire hopefully helpfull and

helpfully hopefull in the timeless

occurrences of this current



my eyes cloud with rain

and i drink like a drowning

man with fear in the wake

of my life i listen to the mirror

of the sky the voice in your

eyes the secret of your touch

inside the wrinkle in time

i hated life so much i knew

i would live a long long

time and i have died again

and again in the birth

of many lives inside this

time this way today


within we have

a shield the mirror

of your love i feel

healed for the time

being forever for now

i feel the earth i feel

the moon i feel the

truth as deep as roots

for the first time

i felt myself and cried

in ecstasy


braided flames

embers of the elders

the lesson of my deepest

desire i strive for the

peace and love of open

hearts the many voices

sing the glory the beauty

of the spirit the songs

of our mother earth

in needs in deeds in seeds

for her to heal feel her




of the crippled

i come to her

in silent shoes

as soft as a whispered

thought nurse me

i grieve my pain

is all i see the wound

of the shaman

who do the lame blame

i work to forgive

what is taken

to find strength

and thanks in sacrifice

to earn the walk of life

with dignity i offer my

bowl of peacefull souls

for your flames

of blame


listen to me

explain my pain

i ask of god

and god asks of me

to surrender

and remember

to be thankfull

for the sacrifice

thankfull for what

i don't have

thankfull for what

i don't want

that love without

personal wants or

gains is pure

and true

how many times

do i need

to be reminded

of every blessing

every dream every

gift i 've been given

to see to believe

to let go of control


my thoughts twist my words

in knots my eyes are fire

with my wants

i seek to free the spirit

of the wind within

to braid the flames again

like the feathers and trees

bend to blend the breeze

i ask her please guide me

with each breath with each

step of desire


when i am within the lodge of mother god

i can see the universe above and all those

around me become the ancient ones as far

as time can see

many hands reach for me like a tree

as i leave and i hear feathers sing

sing with light the songs in my palms

i have raised in praise of our mother

earth the call to give my all


her hummingbird sips

from my lips and her dove

is the love of my heart

my journey is the steepest

when i am the weakest

and my greatest reach

is peace i have no strategy

in all the ifs and shoulds

coulds and woulds there

is no math to my path

only these words

from where i've been


Be carefull she says

i'll trick you into believing in

anything you believe in

And truely i saw egad

i believe in me

Her eyes sparkled

me too

the spirit in me is

everywhere and speaks

through the heart

let our light shine

with our love


she shows me

its all god's garden

my god i cry look at

what is done in your name

i rage why do i keenly feel

the wound of the world

i am only human

she smiles

and i see her hands

release a dove in the

direction of my life


into the darkness

in your eyes in your love

i see endlessly

again she whispers

all you see in me

you see in yourself


over there beyond

yonder beyond

wander look

she giggles

write to me without

words and tips her

finger on my nose

i laugh

in perfect english


i carry my daughter

without waking her

into her dreams

i rest assured

her coax is my cloak

worn on our path

you can see her

smile in my eyes

i wear her charm

proudly softly kindly

for my mother earth

with her in verse


she understands

the beat of my heart

she knows my every


i ask of her please

though i may not know

may i see

though i may not see

may i know

i sense your strength

i sense the wind

i sense the trees

i sense the truth

i sense see

through your love

a kindness a clarity

simple and free

clear through you

clear through me

the light the spirit

the mystery


when a flower blooms

the whole world

is more beautiful

i blind myself

to the past and the

future and pause

in your embrace

i wonder where

this path goes

today hopefully

where my daughter

plays with words

full of giggles

and i am again

her age

i don't know how

real i really am

in la la land


in the space

of a thought within

the embers of the elders

from the blaze of the moon

to the molten core

of her world

her love her gift giving

this day in love in thanks

in praise of the spirit

in a space of my ash

of time a kindness a hope

a blessing mother mary

pray for me

my task was to find her

and sister jesus brought

me to you

for your wisdom for

your purpose for

my faith


the bow

of moonlit winters night

the sight of the snow aglow

again in my soul

words like snowflakes

her voice tastes so sweet

love is the greatest power

my child my wise eyes cry

broken arrows as crisp

as crystal light like the halo

of the moon on a moonlit

winters night


sister jesus

hear my heart

the day after tomorrow

so that i may love


mother god

hear my heart

the day after tomorrow

so that we may live



in awe

i saw all of my love

today and felt her

hug everywhere

like a parade of trees

the tree that says

stay with me

the tree that says

come with me

the tree that says

root for me

i say will the river

ever stop will the wind

never blow sometimes

i see clear through me

this the sum of all worth

peace on earth


let the world

embrace you

let your cry

be heard

fall like the rain

into the glorious

streams of every dream

within you

reach inside for the

light to awaken you

for the peace

that awaits you

for the love

that becomes you