Window of the soul -----------------------------(2001) Lawrence A. McFadden

in this world

of push and shove

when you need to let go

of the tug

i'll be there for you

with a mighty hug

i won't let go till i know

you've found peace

then i'll release

and i can tell by your

grin your ready to begin

again the tug

of the push and shove


let me

please you

ease through

my words of you

feel the strength

of my pulse

the soft caress

of my thoughts

read into the light

of my soul

the very mystery

you need to know

i can tell you

i have been healed

of the reckless spark

and there are no shadows

in my heart

i live in peace

and tranquility

as life is meant to be

i have welcomed you

into my world

with my warm embrace

drink the grace

and taste the honey

from the divine

chalice of kindness

i bring to you

with my words


my lady

my only game

is figuring out

other peoples games

you have shown me


and i return in kind

a thousand times

i have the greatest

of all strengths

a gentle touch

and i come to you strong

for my love is not

a weakness

i will not

impose my will

on anyone

i simply must ask

and wait for your reply

to share some time

in our lives


i ask

come with me

yet i stumble

i have soared so high

i thought

there was no below

and had to walk again

and i stumbled


i soar

while thinking of you

something so strong

so real and so true

i slip through

the white

and the blue

on the flutter

of my heart

from your spark

i think of you

and soar


every day

seems so far away

all i want to do

is please you

into the light

of the dark black

winter night

all i want to do

is please you

like the warmth

of slumber undressed

i just want to caress

and be the best



run river run

a smooth flow through

my soul

cupping your hands

you poured the words

from mine to yours

bringing the shine

to sparkle your eyes

and curly smile

to touch you inside

is the only feeling

that makes me

feel alive

you are a river

streaming to see

i have eyes in my hands

run through me


touch me

make me human


release me

from this maddness

of being alone

i need the hope

in your eyes

the wish

of your heart

the strength

of your faith

i have frozen again

at winters end

thaw me

wrap me in the laughter

of the fool that i am

and warm me

with the fire

of our love





you are aware

i see you believe

and i see you have

the same gift as me

your eyes have been

chosen to see

many look and stare

you seek the peek

of what is really there

and there there is

nothing more crucial

to us then to see

and we will see

i believe

all that is


to be


jeannie of the chalice

sister soul


with the cannibliss

of my bowl

the weed that frees

and your freedom

i am told

grants me three wishes

to unfold

the first wish

i would receive

would be your kiss

in ecstasy

the second one

to wiggle on my tongue

and come and come

and come

and the third one

is the best

to walk this world

hand in hand

in kindness

i ask nothing for me

i only wish for thee


i want to touch

i only insist so much

because i know the bliss

the gift of touch

i want to touch you

as much as you love

and as much as i love

to be touched

i feel your smile

your eyes go deep inside

i speak to you in the language

of the heart in communion

with the soul

hold me and hold me tight

feel me and see

if the feeling is right

kiss me with bliss

and i will do everything

you wish


i close my eyes

to watch the visions


i hear your

distant laughter

and lick the wind

for cannibus

i struggle

then through shear will

i cross through

to the other sky


if this is not real

why do i feel so alive

later i lay

on the sacred shore

listening to the ancient


of the sea in my soul

the moon rises in my eyes

and the gulls carry my cry

of the crush of my heart

when we are apart


sister trickle

seep deep into my sleep

i have tumbled with thunder

and cracked with lightning

bring the sacred rains

to wash me free

the origins of every sea

sister trickle trickle deep

nourish the tree

of me



you make my heart

just sing

all i want to do

is close my eyes

and dance with you


your eyes

are full of love

and i feel naked and shy

when you smile i must

brace myself for your

embrace and my whole

body is about to


when you hold me

for the sweet caress

of your hug

you told me you

cry when you sing

i guess that is why

i have a stream of tears

from swelling inside

each time your voice

touches a song

i too am touched


took the longest time

to learn the simplest of things

life should be reversed

with the last first

to build the church

of belief in myself


and again love my weakest

link has become love my

greatest strength

and again i wish i knew

what i now know from

the first touch

and again i could always see

yet my eyes were blessed

the first time you spoke to me

and how i've wept till i found

your sweet caress now needs me

everything i want to do

now takes two

as the darkness rolls into

the dawn me and you

flow soul to soul

into a pool a prayer

of moonglow in the forest

of our church our heaven

here on earth


the songs i have sung

melt on your tongue

how sweet and naked

the flame kisses you

deep and wide

you cannot hide desires

from me with those eyes

the fire in me

is the fire in you

we burn as one


some show the tattoo

others bare the brand

the gypsy in your eyes

burn me to a craze

your gaze sizzles inside me

yet i want your touch

so much i am far beyond

the pain of the flames

life is useless alone

you give my words my passion

and bring great strength

to my voice and i rejoice

to burn in my thoughts

of you


honor high

my cross of the midnight sky

i know the look

of being touched

your halo

the orange of your hair

flickers in my eyes

like the fires in my soul

i know what is possible

from dusk till dawn

and all day long

i think of you

and drink from your eyes

the darkness and hardness

with the words to heal

the burning of the beast

to make touch

once again a feast

touch me

for a sweet sweet release


henna in the moonlight

in firelight

in dead woods bright blaze

in the craze of the drums

i saw one

the dance of the soul

flow and glow flickering nude

the only shadow was the tattoos

wrapped in the orange hue

surounding you

your body shone like a prayer

to the divine as you eased

through space and time

and i could taste the grace

of the beauty in you

and i know your closed eyes

saw mine

i tranced into the fire

following the flames

along the curve of you body

the coals shone gold

from the heat of the african beat

your lips were thick your eyes

were wide as i stared

the spirit in the eye

and where i stared

shifted the coals

and flamed


i have an eye in my palms

when i touch i can see

and you can look in me

a window of the soul

my hands are yours

your feeling is mine

i follow your thoughts

along the curves of your body

feeling you feel me

yes we can see through touch

feelings are the road to the soul

we need not walk alone

touch is a gift

that must be given to keep

and i must keep in touch