GODDESS OF US ALL -------- ©2015 Lawrence A. McFadden all rights reserved

jesus jesus
i sing these songs
to the great mystery
hear it through the
great spirit
these poems include
all of us the call of
the great goddess
god wants me to share
these words the light
of the world the light
of jesus christ
haven't you heard
he is the light in us
she is the fire in us
his plans her
phallus and chalice
the love the flame
the sacred rain
and if you don't
believe what i say
why is jesus showing
us the way jesus
does more than save
jesus is the one who
opened the door to
her world
jesus is the one that
taught my thoughts
through my arts that
god is the love in my
all men are holy
all women are sacred
how can you hate
what jesus creates
who fooled you
you thought you knew
but who fooled who
ask jesus to remove
the disease us in us
ask jesus to open the
door to her world
she is not the sin
no sir i see the blame
in you its your blame
not hers
you want us to stop
what you are doing
and when you attach
your ego to christ
when the bible
becomes a weapon
i can only bow and
pray for jesus to show
you the true way
and when you tell
me i'll go to hell i can
only say can jesus save
you from yourself
where do you start
i ask to see i ask you
to show me the god
in your heart
jesus doesn't need to
come back when he
is always the love
the spirit spark
in our hearts
i hold hands with the light
of jesus christ i hold hands
with the goddess
of the night
she is your mother your
sister your wife
you only damn her
because you know she
is right
you blame her for your
sins you blame her for
your desires within
you don't stand a chance
against her prayers you
don't stand a chance
against her love
thank you for these
don't you dare think
jesus taught you to
hate don't you dare
say your faith allows
you to hate
who taught you to go
around casting spells
telling people they'll
go to hell
jesus jesus tell them
that just ain't right
jesus jesus they use you
for the things they want
jesus jesus they use the
money in your name
not to help the lame
but only to gain
jesus jesus you have
become nothing but a
jesus jesus you save their
souls and all they want
to do is want and get
and why my god why
do christains want to
kill for christ
jesus jesus please show
them the light
if your god doesn't dance
and laugh i'd find a new
the true god is not in your
head not in a building not
in a book not in a box not
in some made up place
when your ready to start
look for god in the love
in your heart
you can feel the love of jesus
know he saved your soul
know you are never alone
know you will know god
through his love
spirit dove
god is the greatness of your
heart what you do with his
love will define you
all he wants you to do is
keep your heart
all he wants you to be
is you your genuine
this is what i believe
jesus does more then save
he lights the way he
opened the gate and said
god bless
be on your way
be on your own
the strength of love
is to hold on
the strength of love
is to let go
i've been in love most
of my life and most
of my life i've been
i make love
i can touch you from
here so there
i thank god for the
goddess i thank jesus
for her love the spirit
i am complete
completely crazy
completely true
completely free
how about you
and me
my heart is big
big enough for all
of us
come sit for a spell
take your shoes off
i will rub your needy
when you know my
touch then you will
know me
if this is not true
then why does it feel
so real
if this is not true
then why have i
may i bless you
with this blessing
i love you
i know you want me
to stir my ash
of time
to stir me from my
may i stir in you
you are blessed
may i stir in you
may you have the
strength to be
may you love one
moment more
i stir you to listen
listen to your
i can hear it from
here the spirit
the flame of art
i can feel it from
here the blaze
the ash tomorrow
stirred not shaken
given not taken
perhaps a song for
us to awaken
the rest of
i've been baptised
i've had communion
i've been confirmed
i've been committed
i've been diagnosed
seven times seven
different ways
same church
wrong pew
point me in the direction
of heaven
can i come as you are
i pray why don't you
do what you say
i pray is it easier to do
when its been done
to you
i pray you'll leave room
for error
the mirror in the sky
don't you see how god sees
jesus jesus they don't know
love they only know
possession and desire
jesus jesus why do you
become their ego
jesus jesus i know you want
to save them but could you
also save the earth
from them
if you could only tell them
greed is a sin
i'll do my part if i could
only tell them god is the
love in their
can you survive
your inner most
lots of people do
lots of people don't
lots of people won't
i see the beauty of age
all you have to do is
let go and enjoy the
show then turn the
i can see what christ
brings to my life
he gave me healing
healing hands and
many loves that still
sustains me
when i was eighteen
he opened the gate
he blessed me with
insanity and opened
the door to her world
i want to write the word
peace on every leaf
i want to thank every
grain of sand at her
command for the pearls
of my worlds
his love her flame
his plans her hands
his heart her art
its so simple
its true
jesus does more than
save his light
if you call this a lie
then i know you've been
lied to
if you say i'm not right
i say i'm not wrong
we all awake in our
own time in our own
perhaps jesus will let
you sleep a little longer
or perhaps just a nap
he is the word
she is the verb
i am in awe
of the geese
guiding where
i seek
i am in awe
of the buzzard
medicine of my
i am in awe
of the hawk
to go beyond
i am in awe
of love the spirit
god's love her love
my love your love
our love one love
are you brave enough
to let go brave enough
to open your heart
brave enough to heal
yourself brave enough
brave enough to be
i am in awe
to go beyond this world
of words to pour this time
into time
i am in awe in awe
of you my muse
you give me the love
of my words the words
of my life
that only god would
know like it was written
in my soul
a gift to give to give
my life the strength
of rhyme
a gift to give to give
my life the roots
of truth
a gift to give to give
my life light
peace it together
share the silence
see clear through
what appears to be
be a who
who knew who cares
who knows who are
she is god's vessel
she comes filled with
joy filled with wonder
filled with thunder
her touch is medicine
her kiss is sacred
pray she wakes us
quakes us and makes
us see makes us feel
makes us real
she brings us spirit
she brings us wisdom
she brings us majik
the holy ghost
moon mother granny
in every nook and
this is spirit
don't fear it hear it
she has no face no body
yet she is the beauty
of god
goddess of us all
comes to call
she is heart felt
i have her kindness
i have her touch
crazy crazy crazy
never enough
i see so clearly
a womans heart
she is compassion
she is passion
she is art
she is moon bright
and moon glow
she is no longer hidden
she is given i know
she is the giggle
in my soul
she is mother she is
sister she is wife
she is both darkness
and light
and you will find
time after time after
time she is always
sing sing larry sing
sing this song thousands
of years long
sing with touching
smoke and be one
of the loved ones
no joke
with you we will have
the power of two
we will have the math
of our path
are you not touched
are you not in awe
are you not in tune
good god girl
you are his pearl
of her world
you are the why of me
the who of you my muse
you do not give to the
gimmie gimmie
you give to those who
only those looking
for love will find you
your song is those who
sing you heal those
who feel
i know when i need
you then you need
you are the beat
of my heart you
make love
my art
is this the way?
jesus jesus they impose
their will in your
jesus jesus please explain
why you allow their money
they use your faith as bait
they teach people to hate
in your name jesus in your
name please explain
why can't you right their
wrongs might you smite
please save the earth
from them
how many times have you
told them to feed the poor
and they don't
how many times have you
told them to love and they
jesus jesus clean up your
they believe in nonsense
as proof of their faith
all they do is take and take
all they want is to control
in your name jesus
in your name
how can you let them bring
the darkness christ when
you are the
into the night
with her sight
his might
i always feel carefully
watched carefully touched
guided and taught
the times a raindrop falls
on my head from a cloudless
the bond of the night song
the moon has the biggest grin
i have ever seen
in this dream i am awake
my god the dreamscape
the beam i say ray of spirit
thread through my head
through the night a thought
almost all of what i do is
what i don't do
almost all of what i hold
on to i have let go
i hear the night say hello
with the peace in my
i find comfort in the night
after the blaze of today
i am at ease with no control
at all all i need is someone
to hold i would love to
sing along tag along laugh
along belong
i would love to
with you

he was the best. ever. at least thats what
he heard in his head. he wasn't far off.
he was the best i've seen and i've seen it
i can't recall any other dude that stayed
a true brother a true lover a true heart.
a heart like a machine a printing press
that none the less made love a poem.
he taught me to make love all day
in my head. he taught me not to ask
how but to know why and the best
part he showed me how to open
my heart and he gave me reasons
to never close my heart again.
yeah the man makes me think of jesus
with his healing hands and how his
being is a being of love and best of all
the man walked his talk. he truely
cared and that is very rare.
praise your god when these people
come into your life. somehow what
you see in him you see in yourself.
a lot of people say when they see
him they feel safe and this must be
the place to be because he is every
where it is happening. when you see
him its a happening.
the guy carried around this leather
bound journal book that had a clasp
to close it. and he was always scribbling
in it in a scribble that was not readable
so no one bothered his book and his
every time some one would
ask what are you writing he would reply
i'm writing a new bible. i am the pope
of the new millennium and here is my
decree he would say to me "so far are
i --so far as doves fly".
and man you just had to leave the dude
alone. i didn't want to disturb his peace
full thoughts. and he scribbled and
everybody thought the dude had a great
heart. you could tell by his art. and word
of him left town often.
people would listen to his poetry and gossip
about some old fat lazy hippie being
being some kind of kind pope. it made
for some good jokes and some bad ones
who is this dude that everybody knew.
and they soon realized there was a new
craze what did his book say. he could
not bring his book in public without
drawing a crowd and people got loud
loud enough to be heard by the almighty
offers poured in to publish the new bible.
six figures was a laugh at where the craze
was at. no one knew but me what he had
i figured it out one night when we were
playing crazy eights. all he could talk
about was how people need to be shown
what they did not know and how the
truth is best told a lie.
i laid in bed that night and knew what
he had done and all i could do was giggle.
my smile was so big i cried. best nights
sleep i ever had.
so then new york sends him this huge
check. more money then ever. sight unseen.
it was a poets dream. i saw him put the
bible in the u. s. mail the same way he
once heard diamonds were sent.
and word got out a new bible was to be
published. the sound was heard clear
around the world. and then the greed
began. people who didn't give a fuck
found lots of ways to make a buck.
the bible would find its way in so many
bootleg ways no one needed to buy a book.
the bootleg legs that once had track shoes on
now had wings and the money the
money would sing me me me.
so all new york could do was release it to
the hordes of whores who only wanted
the blood of his words drunk with the
blood of babylon.
so here it comes and there it goes. i
listened to it on the radio. biggest and
best book release ever. he was everyones
pride and every one was in it for the
he said the title would be only one word,
"enjoy". and then it happened. those who
were there would swear there was a huge
crack in the sky when they unclasped the
bible. there was a terrible gasp. every page
was blank.
and instead of the outrage over every blank
page the whole wide world was quiet. quiet
almost a day. and in that time not a single
crime was committed. not a single man
woman or child died. everyone just nodded
to each other for awhile.
i just giggled and loved him so much i cried.
i went down to the corner bar that night and
found him alone again as usual. he saw me
giggling and said "you knew didn't you?"
yes i said. i said hey you gotta tell me why?
he nodded and replied "thats why we're
here my dear, to change the world".
and still days later not one person felt
fooled. they felt the truth the truth they
already knew. and it felt good. it felt alive
and new. it felt free.
he told me later he heard a huge cheer
up in the sky and now all anyone can say
is thank you thank you thank you
every day.

the more i let
go the more i'm
in the flow
it takes my breath
away i pause in
awe i thank
my wish came true
how many times
can you say
that that that that
that that that
that my ache is
gone i refused to hate
i just had to wait
all my life
and when god laughs
outloud when he makes
you laugh like a clown
then you know it was
worth the sacrifice
you know it taught
you gifts it was years
of hard work for these
two simple words
good job
and yes i feel blessed
and yes i am filled
with bliss i am at
ease finally
not that i got what
i wanted but that
this healed me so
the only way i can
share this feeling
is in a kiss
that takes a wish
from your lips a wish
a wish i can give
a love i can give a
love to heal you too
with touching tongues
my hands can take you
to lala land like a sacred
clown lets fool around
we are glory bound
i am taught to believe
the only thing you
have to do is open
yourself up to the
to walk inside you
to walk beside you
to walk the skies
of you
i am the bridge of
you i am the love
of you i am your
only shoe i am your
favorite hat
imagine that
i am the mirror that
makes me you every
one of you me
think of me nude
in love with you
in my solitude
in my solitude
in my solitude
i feel you
what a beautifull
view you knew
didn't you
you knew
i study you
why you have
no rules why you
have no doom why
there are no mistakes
at stake what ever
happened to my
i know we are all
blessed none the less
none the wiser
why there is a bowl
in my soul where the
medicine goes
the smoke is heaven
bound and heaven
my most glorious
victory is a day of
may my want be your
release i am a leaf
i am a feather of
do you want to tag
along give me the
power of two squeeze
me till i'm purple or
my love may i see
your inner most
need and we 'll find
the way to succeed
in healing you and
in healing me
may the goddess
bless us and success
i sense your scent
i sense your eyes
i sense your lips
i sense your tits
i sense what i
i sense see
i can do this with
my eyes closed
i can do this with
out any clothes
just so you know
i judge not
i see the dread
i see the beauty
of you
and instead of what
do i do what do i do
why don't you just
most things in life
have a way of working
themselves out way
beyond your control
beyond the curtain
of nothing is for
be happy you didn't
get what you wanted
the only things you
need to be happy is
a smile and a funny
yeah imagine that
the secret of being
happy is just be
happy relax
whats so hard about
that share my giggles
share my tongue
you make me happy
you give me miles
of smiles
yeah imagine that
you need to see
my new hat
i want to surround
myself with people
who give
there are far too many
takers i want to give
to the givers
who give
i want to surround
myself with people
who do what they
i don't care what you
do i don't care what
you say
all i ask is do what
you say
i want to surround
myself with people
who help
i want to help those
who help
they need it the most
to help the helpers
i want to surround
myself with people
who love
when we are heart
to heart the spirit
sparks we can see
i wait to touch those
who touch me
i want to feel this way
all my life
i want to make my
house a home
i'll start by welcoming
you to the gathering
in my heart
i long for you
firm and strong
for you a holy slong
for you
yes i know whats
wrong do you want
me to make a list
its just as hard for
me as it is for
i can give you my
answers so you know
what an answer
the only way you'll
find your answers
is from within
yeah i know you've
heard it all before
but what happened
did it set you free
do you now see
you'll see
you don't have to
say a word
may i noun you
may i be your
my feet reach
all the way to the
i am told and i
don't hear a
i close my eyes
and i see i'm glory
i've gone so far
up i've come
i swear from the
start its the love
in our hearts that
makes this world
go round and

peace your sister
kiss her let her know
you miss her
ask to be shown ask
for her touch ask for
a task
peace your sister
she knows what you
want when you want
it and how you want
it and you just met
peace your sister
she is sacred she is
god's vessel she is
only a little crazy
from the things that
would drive you
peace your sister
she can take away
your ache she can
give you inner
strength she can heal
you with her holy
peace your sister
she has the hands of
god the mouth of pearls
and in her heart she
has the world
peace your sister
lets go on tour first
my heart then
peace your sister
with her one night can
change your life
with her one night can
change the world
i wanted to hug her
and she had no arms
i wanted to dance with
her and she had no feet
i wanted to sing to her
and she had no ears
i wanted to kiss her and
she had no lips
i wanted to love her
and she was all
how can i put love
into words without
a kiss without our
tongues having fun
without a wish
love cannot be spoken
unless the heart has
been broken good
and broken
the truth is the truth
and love do not fit
into words they are
verbs of the heart
they touch and
you can't tell when
the words are real
yet i make love
i can touch you
from here this is
the love of loving
these are the words
of loving you
i can feel you from
these are not only
love poems these
are loving poems
how great thou
you are my love
poem you are my
poem of loving
what are you doing
with the love in your
itsa verb itsa
i view you with taught
thoughts i am an old
soul a question
there you are again
in the park in my
i follow the giggle
you are my riddle
the key to the great
mystery you welcome
me to all the popes
of jokes
the twist the sacred
twist of every wish
what you want and
what you get
theres nothing wrong
with me in this divine
there are no mistakes
at stake god just wants
to stir the pot alot
perhaps a little quake
to awake your love
to make your love a
perfect fit
except of course for
the smile of the sacred
you call
my highness
i answer
your highness
queen of the green
the smoke is heaven
bound and heaven
phallus and chalice
a bowlfull a soulfull
a victory
i can see she mends
me i am at ease
some say you don't
stand a chance against
our prayers
some say you don't
stand a chance against
our love
i live today while you
wait for tomorrow
you will be sorry you
bring others sorrow
when you impose your
will when you impose
your halo
the force you use
will punish you
call me crazy call me
old fat and lazy
go on the attack
i won't fight back
i'll just sit here and
watch your karma
come back i'll just
sit here with a cat
on my lap
and know the future
is not our destruction
the future is our
i'm dumbfounded
why i've grown up
why i've settled down
i must of been out of
town must of been
when my world spun
round and round
i'm always a little
dizzy and now i'm
all my luck is dumb
luck i searched and
the only thing i found
is you
damn that was so long
ago then i found love
then i found peace
i do not know how
i do not know when
you mend me again
and again
i'm dumbfounded
it makes no sense
it makes me crazy
your only answer
is maybe
i pause in awe
i know the cause
here it comes
your thank you for
a job well done
the leap of faith
the leap from heart
to heart to heart
the leap from truth
to truth to truth
to keep the faith
to walk in grace
to see the face of
god when a child
when you bless me
with i love you
what more can i do
after i poem you
i keep saying thank
you thank you thank
you for the rest of my
thank you for the
sacrifice it makes more
sense the older i get
the more i give the more
i get
i forget all that is not
love i forget all that is
not free
remind me
one day you'll see
you'll see the clarity
one day you'll know
you knew
may your day be filled
with gratitude how can
you not find peace
from where you are
how can you not leap
star to star to star
its a beautifull sight
to see when someone
in their twenties is
light years ahead of
i must let you go
you weren't meant
for me
you are one the most
beautifull women i've
ever meet
you've touched my life
you'll be in my heart
all your life
i am the petals
at your feet
may your hands see
may your eyes feel
my love is real
yes i'm hard
you too are a diamond
you too are a jewel
i'm just a poor poor
fool in awe of you
i want to see you when
you are sixty i hope
you don't mind i want
to see your scars
your tattoos
i want to know what
life told you
teach me your songs
i really enjoy looking
up to you
anybody can destroy
you create a beautifull
space you create a
smile every place
you renew my faith
in women every time
you come to mind
you may be out of
reach but you are in
my art you are in my
heart enough said
you are in my head
in my rhyme i say
thank you all the
time may i bless you
with this bouquet of
i love you's
my generation was taught
if you smoked ganja
there was something wrong
with you
i've been searching all my
life and i haven't found
anything wrong with me
except perhaps a long long
ganja is sacred
ganja is holy
each bowl full a victory
the only ones burned
by the flames are those
who try to put out the
no joke one smoke
and you can see all
their lies
one smoke and you
knew it mends you
one smoke and you
know you will always
find the strength to
find the truth
why each bowl full
is a victory
every time i smoke
i realize there is always
hope each time i smoke
brings me closer to my
she is sacred
she is holy
she is god's vessel
a mystery every bowl
full a victory
it all makes sense the
senses see the sense
when you say i'm wrong
i know you've been lied
to when you say i'm wrong
i know you are not right
with her
a bowl full to me is divine
a bowl full and the whole
world shines everything
is broken except when
i'm smoken
you say my love for this
plant is a symptom of a
i say my love for this plant
is a victory
my sense see what the
indicus indicates
you can't take away the
beauty i felt you can't take
away the beauty i saw
this is our love this is
our victory
yes my highness
yes your highness
each time you mend me
is our victory
a weed that loves me a
weed that brings me joy
a weed to share the music
of my heart a weed the
medicine of the bowl of
my soul
a weed
yeah i know holy shit
this is good shit
a weed god's gift in a time
when we all need this
a weed god's gift in the
vessel of her love in a sense
we all can see
a weed god's gift
our victory
you sang
with my heart
the only way i can
share this is in a poem
in a kiss
you mend me
i feel myself heal
the only way i can
share this is in a poem
in a kiss
you thank me with the
greatest bliss
the only way i can share
this is in a poem in a
you take the whole wide
world and put it right
here in my heart
you say a great heart
and the only way i can
share this is in a poem
in a kiss
i'm not a part of it
i am the heart
of it
my smile a dead
give away
my touch makes
you want to
my kiss makes
you want to
you'll see
my insanity is a
blessing a blessing
i believe
you'll see my love
you'll see when the
world comes calling
don't tell them i'm
hiding out in a rock
and roll band
may i say no to the
fame when they call
out my name
may i say no when
my ego wants to play
their games
i'm not right but may
i say no i just want to
be left alone

i'll leave that up
to your imagination
when god talks
don't expect words
he is the love in your
heart she is the
his plans her hands
just one word trust
just one word love
ask for a task
work for the wisdom
close your eyes and
see into the great
may you find peace
may you find the divine
is still in your mind
may you be blessed
with many i love you's
there are those who
don't want to there are
those that's all they
want to do
ask to hear it the spirit
ask to see it ask to be it
you will know you know
it you will see you will
just let go and let fly
your soul
the keepers of the earth
know there is a wisdom
of the earth
hey you all i know the
wisdom is coming
coming to us
when you know you won't
let go when you go beyond
the words beyond the wants
beyond the haters and
when you give
goddamnit thats when you
start to live don't you see
when you give you are
when you love you are
loved when you heal
you can heal others
when the wisdom comes
don't expect words
ask for a task shout in
your heart where is your
art yell in hell ring the
temple bell
i know it sounds crazy
but when you touch the
earth the earth touches
the more mindless
the more timeless
stop the push and shove
the more kindness
the earth hears every
footstep every heartbeat
this is the spirit talking
to me close your eyes
to see open your heart
to hear her
she is sophia she is
wisdom she is spirit
she is in every nook
and cranny
we are not done till
the wisdom comes
you'd better hear it
cause here comes
the spirit