IN FEST OF US -------- ©2016 Lawrence A. McFadden all rights reserved

the flock of sparrows
flew off the tree
and swirled and twirled
then fell upon the
ground as leaves
i am blessed
with your autumn
i am blessed
with her leaf and
the hawks will always
remind me of you
there is winter in my
bones there is summer
in your hair
i have visions of you
every time i look
every time i touch
i feel a sacredness
so much i feel a sacred
sacred love a holy lust
in our hearts souls and
minds our love is
the rock said
in my head its not
the hawk flew through
my thoughts and landed
in the tree above
the crows say hello
the geese speaked
and the buzzards the
buzzards are my
the squirrels all think
i'm nuts
the leaves follow me
the lost feathers call
to me
i ponder the pond and
the pondered pond tells
me this is where
i belong
the flowers all sing me
their songs
i can be where i long
to be when i walk the
its only a small city
park but this is where
the spirit sparks my
my door
is ajar
my heart
always open
this time spoken
everything is broken
so i fix myself
to find peace
to find happiness
and i did and i do
and i did and i do
the word is flew
i flew
i closed my eyes
and flew
when i touched
all you have to be
is your genuine self
all you have to do
is love
you don't have to go
anywhere you are
already there
those you heal will
love you
what you do with
that love will define
you are only the vessel
of her love you are her
again the spirit has
sparked your heart
just follow your feet
just follow your feet
just follow your feet
just follow your
you are being called
only the best are
it may take all your life
it might take great
i know you can i know
you must
look what your touch
has done to me look
what your love has
done to me
blessed blessed be
you are sacred
to me
a sip a puff a kiss
the bliss of the creative
the ladies of the night
are the muses of early
mornings light
when twilight falls
do you hear her call
only a false god would
call this a sin
some blame the wind
some blame the moon
all you see in her
you see in your self
she will let you believe
what you want to believe
she has no face no body
yet i know she is the
beauty of god
she chose me
i had no choice
i know when i need
her then she needs
she just giggled
when i realized i see
her in every woman
everyone is looking
for the greatest
i see her in the tinyest
of situations
she is in between every
in between in every nook
and cranny just like moon
mother granny
real majick is wisdom
true wisdom is spirit
don't you hear it
don't you feel it
don't you know it
i see you
you visually come
to mind
and i question
i ponder
i am full of wonder
why do i feel
so wonderfull
when you come
to mind
if i can't be your
best lover
i will be your
greatest friend
i will be your
i treasure you
you make a great
love the greatest
i feel you
i feel you
i feel you
i feel your
at peace
its kinda funny
we have a free
for all
we have a feel
for all
your welcome
is all i need
all i need
to say
you are my living
proof of living
look into my soul
for the very mystery
you need to know
those who say i'm
wrong have been
lied to
i may not be right
but i am not
i'm just a tag along
i have i love i can see
hear feel taste
i love you this much
i love all of us my
count me in
i'll puff and i'll puff
and i'll puff
i'll love and i'll love
and i'll love
i'll give and i'll give
and i'll give
you are my healing
hands you are my
loving heart you are
the bliss of a kiss
this is the medicine
we share
you and me
we are a match
a match of her love
of her fire
in her name
i am the ember
you are the
i am prepared
to lifelong share
i live to give
if it is not given
freely then it is not
a gift
if there is no love
there is no majick
if there is no love
there is no spirit
that is why i burn
a hole in the page
when i write
thats why i touch
your heart
my spiritual art
of loving to love
we are two beings
of love we are no
longer we
we are us
true friends with
true love
a sacred trust
a holy lust
i no longer struggle
i no longer must
we are us
i'm always amazed
at the burnt hole
in the page
a hole to be able
to see clear through
what appears to be
i am strong
stronger than most
but i did not see my
strength untill i saw
me in you
i did not see my sanity
clearly untill i saw you
in me
may i dream for both
of us this dream of
if i kiss you i know
i will always miss
when you touch me
you always seem to
find what i need
when i touch you
you just know what
to do
may i give you the
things i would need
if i were you
i have been told
there is a mirror
of the soul
mirror mirror
hear my call
who has the
greatest love
of all
good god god
it is us
our love our love
our love of all
of us
every woman i ever
knew taught me some
thing about
i love you for who you
are not what you
let us celebrate
what we have what
we've done what we
make our give and
let us celebrate
our fate
lets radiate
lets radiate
lets radiate
my soul mate
yes i say
i love your silence
i talk to god the same
i don't expect words
your silence is my
blank page
silence to me has
always been my
i look at the things
i want you to say
i hear the things
i want to hear
to love silently is
the deepest
the words are
i have silently loved
all my life
in silence nothing
is missing there is
no emptyness
in silence i can heal
its the silence i feel
when i see a rainbow
its the silence i see
when i see halos
in silence i can hear
your hello echo
through my soul
there is no question
of my heart i need
no reply
i love your silence
my mirror
my why
i look for the lusters
the musters the star
its been getting harder
but its been getting
better and better and
i think of you and i
think of me and i
think of us and
its like the first time
you go to sea its like
the first time you
touched me its like
the first time you
say i love you
its when the you
and me becomes
us and i take
i want to touch
when i speak of
what more can i do
after i poem
i love our silent
i close my eyes
to see
and i shut my mouth
to speak
with my heart
are my words worth
is the us of us
are my words
strong enough
to bond for
the silence
in us i trust
the moment we touch
we begin again
to mend
the moment we touch
i feel such a soft
holy lust
warm and smooth
with love our
many many thank
yous turn into love
i have no jewels or
rules to give
but i can make love
let this be our jem
let this be our kiss
let this be our gift
those looking for love
will find this
those with the wander
lust the wonderlust
will find us
yes indeed we can free
i picture this
picture of
i see you in my
mind all the
i want to say
i love you but
you know i
there is no
question i am
in quest of
i will do my very
best for
you are gay
and i am festive
i will show you
my love my love
one little smile
makes my whole
life worth
i over see over all
i have one hand
clapping and one
hand laughing
if it weren't for my
delusions of grandeur
my life would really
you need me for my
courage you need me
for my crazy
i have the gift
of giving
my being loves being
in love with your being
of love
she just giggled
when i realized my gift
to you is your gift
to me
there is a joy
a holy hope soaring
above us that bonds
us to us
to share the us of us
a celebration of love
spirit and lust
in fest of us
i see every speck
of you
every tint every hue
every sparkle
the genuine you
the true
the touch of us
being beings of
the deep sacred bliss
the holy kiss
our gifts
we've come from the
other side of
we create our fate
we celebrate the spirit
sparks within our
and we shine and we
shine and we
if the bus of us
ever stops for us
i'm getting on
my pen my sword
my ticket my word
we have mountains
to climb and many
moons above to
i don't care where
we go as long as
we keep in touch
and may we lust
lust on this bus
lust for life
love is our fuel
love is our lube
the love of life
when night becomes
the drone of the
wheels the heal of
the hymn of the
we have no destination
we are dharma bums
the we becomes us
on the bus when we
you the hobo rainbow
me the gypsy hippie
this is my wish
may we trip our many
trips in the deepest
bliss on this bus
of us
tell me what life
has told you
tell me the history
of all your scars and
tell me the mystery
the madness
the moment
the tear
of joy
the touch of us
i close my eyes to
see i close my eyes
to feel
i open my eyes and
dream of
tell me why i see you
visually in my mind
everytime i think
of you
i know i am never
alone i know you
my dove are a life
long love
you are the twinkle
you are the charm
you are the beam
there is no harm
we are the vessel
we are the vessel
of love called
this is the very best
the very best
of us
good god god
what have you
i am in love
with everyone
you bring the bliss
the want of a kiss
you bring the peace
when you are within
you bring me fire
i braid the flames
of desire
we are two to the
power of two
you are the one
on the tip of my
some say words
cannot tell the
all i need is to touch
and i have proof
some say the language
of love is not spoken
yet i make love
you can feel you can
feel you can feel
my words are
you can hear it
in the voice
see it in the eye
feel it in the
you just can't
get enough
be it love spirit
and lust
this stuff life
is made of
this stuff i must!
is made of
this stuff oh my god!
is made of
this stuff is simply
us being us
everyone speaks of the
one how two become
one in love
i am one of you
you are one of me
our love is the power
of two
you are the autumn
light i am the winter
the dusk is in our
soft and focused
in stillness till the
time is right
i can feel our might
in these words
our love is our light
with these words
when i speak of two
becoming one may i
whisper love and light
love and light love and
the power of two
this is us being us
this is our might
love and light
i can clearly see
the past
one last look
then i move on
at last
you have to let go
of all the things
that happened
you have to let go
of all the things
that didn't happen
be thankfull for the
sacrifice be thankfull
for the fire and the
this is life
how love sustains me
how love inflames
me how love ordains
there were many many
empty nights
now i know they gave
me sight
built me right
the love i love became
my light
and all could see
them in me
and now i am
a us of us
of love spirit
and lust
i am a us of us
may they all come
to know the love
of us the light of
and may they all
come to know its
not just us
its the fest of all
of us
you are a giver
of light you are a
giver of sight
you are a giver
of might
your fate is to
i see what you see
i feel what you feel
i want what you want
we dream with our
eyes open with our
hearts open with
our minds open
my poem our spirit
hopefully helpfull
and helpfully
you are a hug full
a love full you bring
me peace full
a whole soul full
a joy a bliss a sacred
lust and a holy
these are the greatest
words of my life
you are the greatest
love of my life
i have the greatest
strength of my life
i have the greatest
sight of my life
i feel the greatest
peace of my life
these are the greatest
days of my life
my nights are still
this is the dark
that creates the light
i know i am the frozen
winter comes again
to sleep next to me
this has been for years
and years and years
i think of you
and wipe away
the tear
to find peace
is a life long reach
to walk the beach
on the sacred sands
the shore of our
alone and know
you just know
everywhere you go
feels like home
everything you do
brings a happyness
a joy
you look around and
there is no past no
future path
there is only now
and cry yes cry
you made it here
i don't gamble
because i hate
to lose
i don't take chances
theres no need
i've lived long enough
to see the view what
ends begins again
i have the hope
of hope i am a hope
some call it
i call it medicine
i call it the thoughts
of you
i ask my god
if not you then who
the hell who
who who who
yikes! i am a
i see no end i feel
no end only
its true
how forever can be
forever in my heart
in my love
of you
i am in delight
delight i say
fuck the fuck
that fucks me
yes it is hard
yes i struggle
but i don't stop
till i can let it
i won't stop
till i know till i
see till i feel till
i sense
the calm of your
back to being a
being of love in
to remember
i surrender
to your smile
to your touch
i am delighted
to delight you
with a sparkle
of my heart
may our eyes shine
and twinkle in the
and may these words
verse the very joy
of us in chapter and
verse written across
the universe of our
a voice not of my choice
in my head said 'put her
in her place'
so i put you in the palace
of my heart
you are the jem of my
my words are my hands
two tickets please
to lala land
you are the one i want
on the tip of my
if not this world then
i'll hope for the next
i close my eyes and
feel blessed with just
the thought of sacred
sacred sex
may we dance soul
to soul
you are turning my life
into a heart of solid
solid gold
i am not given wings
to just sing in the
i am not shown the
light to just hide
in the night
i will not go back
to the paths of the
i will go with those
my heart wants
to follow
you need me for
my courage you
need me for my
i need you too
i need you for your
yes you are the best
we are blessed with
the power of two
what to do what to
do what to
all i need to do
is to seek the many
many ways to love
and i'll know my way
is true
out of the ground
up from below
all the way down
do you hear that
sound the flutter
of wings the flutter
of the heart the spirit
the crown
we are glory bound
theres no stopping
us now
i could have gone
round this world
a thousand times
and never found
i cry why
the glee has come
back to me
i do not want to
define you but that
is what poetry does
with words of
just a moment with
you lasts a lifetime
your hands are my
you rock my roll you
rock my glow you rock
my soul
you rock me softly
with every 'i know'
may i dance
in your shoes
may i paint you
my vision of you
could be a
help me leave
my words
a thousand kisses
at a time
two tongues
rhyme after rhyme
after rhyme
your love and mine
keeping perfect
i say please
how many words
do i need how many
times did you hear
the divine
i say thank you too
i now know how to
love you
yes i hear you
this is my heart
yes i hear you
this is my art
i tread that single
thread your vision
in my head
i live my life in
i live my life in
i live my life in
because its true
i just keep falling
falling in love
with you
i believe in you
yes my god
i do
four hands
are better than
i keep you in
mind all the time
its true
with each beat
your touch is my
funny when my
words become
i can taste you
from here and
here and here
and here a tear
of joy
you give me gifts
peace love and
anytime i wish
i poem you to tell
you this this is
you are always
a poem on my
i close my eyes
and i see you
as one long long
i am the roots
you touch the sky
i am the ember i am
the ash at last
you are the flicker
the call of all in the
in our human
i have the courage
to love you
you are worth the
hurt the weight of
the wait
my fate is to navigate
the madness of our
to braid the flames
in the name of
you have no idea
how strong this makes
strong enough to cry
i may be the bravest
man alive
how many ways
can i say i love you
when all i need to do
is touch you in some
small way
my fire is my bouquet
my tongue is my
your hands are my
holy smokes
one puff and i giggle
goddamn i'm in
never never
and you sparkle
me you sparkle in me
so kindly
i can't wait to love
you forever