LETS SHARE OUR MEDICINE -------- ©2015 Lawrence A. McFadden all rights reserved
if you think
something is sacred
it becomes sacred
if you want to love
then become love
you cannot find love
unless love was blind
unless love is divine
there is no love without
a touch of madness
without a touch
of fire
the greater the heart
the deeper the desire
you will not know love
till your heart breaks
do you have what it
the strength the life
long struggle the
you cure mine
i'll cure yours
do you have what
it takes the strength
the ache

damn i got a hard head
i'll hold on all my life
if i know i'm right
people look at me funny
when i tell them what
is going to happen
so i'll just keep my mouth
shut and maybe put on
my tombstone the words
i knew yes i knew
and maybe just maybe
the tombstone next to
mine would read the
words i would of loved
and the third tombstone
groans with the words
00ps i didn't think about
yes talking stones
they give good advice
they last your whole
could be just a tiny pebble
that slipped through the
hole in my pocket
could be that hard head
of mine
theres a touch of truth
to getting stoned
ask for their blessings
and rock on rock on
rock on
only god gets it right
the first time
the rest of us locked in
a lifelong struggle to
try to get it right all our
its not a sport its not a
repetition not a prediction
to the poet its a divination
each word must fit or be
one hand laughing one
hand flapping each word
in step with the beat of
my heart
if you listen carefully
you can hear god speak
in the love in your
not with words
you have to be looking
for love
you must wonder you
must wander the spirit
can show you through
your wandering wonder
the path inside your
heart truth to truth to
god tells me to tell you
you will always find
the strength to find
the truth
god tells me to tell you
the sum of all worth
is peace on earth
my job is to write
ask for a task
start with the truth
start with i wonder
i'm still afraid
of this big bad world
i release every beast
i say never to all the
scheming wizards
and demons
where is my love
goddammit my
power of two
me and you
i've never known
why i must be
i know i've gone too
far way too deep
i hear silence
my words speak
my heart full of
longing my heart
full of ache
make me your desire
and i'll set the whole
wide world on fire
right before the flood
of my liquid love
who can make a day
any better than today
i feel how you would
i see how you would
in the mirror of our
in the touch of our
phallus and chalice
in the palace of our
in the nowness
in the palm a song
in the soundness
of our hearts
the power of love
how great thou art
how great the wait
how great the ache

its all just a ball
of confusion
its all just a call
a union
the single thread
we all must tread
the roots of all our
the soaring hawk
stops and starts
to circle directly
above me
i say thank you
she says i love
the message is always
trust trust trust
i am encouraged
told to rest assured
there is no hurry
i am always rushing
rushing rushing with
so the next part of the
story in my heart is
with all these thoughts
of all these hawks
came a calling
my medicine brothers
the buzzards came a
calling i have been
chosen to walk the
path of the sacred
i am given the gifts
of the ancient
my voice is god's choice
she is my tongue one
more poem done
i am her hands
in my palm her song
these words are always
filled with might filled
with light filled with
i follow my feet to the
medicine i now
she opens me up
to her world of words
my pen curls and
with thought i'm taught
with love i'm caught
nude in my solitude
nude in the oughts
and ought nots
nude to be touched
clear through by
i'm blessed to touch
you too
mirror mirror in my
eyes in your soul in
the sky
they say us psychotics
build castles in the
i built a fucking palace
chalice and phallus
the episode where you
finally realize i'm
blessed with insanity
blessed with the gifts
of the crazies and the
greatest part of all is
a great heart inside
us all
take a peek and cry
for joy cry with the
gifts of bliss cry for
the want of a
ashes to ashes
lust to lust
the touch
a handfull a mouthfull
a nightfull
the touch of tongues
i don't know about you
but i go crazy oh now
i see you want to go crazy
with me
the restless flesh
skin on skin only a false
god would call this a
i am given the best
caress i am given the
strength of gentleness
i am given what i give
i am given what i give
these words have the
power of a thousand
i must wait i must wait
for the wisdom to come
the wisdom will come
in every poem in every
the wisdom gives our
hearts visions
cup your hands for these
words the words of a
medicine man the words
yes i can
line of sight
i can see i can see
i know i know
i just know
eye sight
watched like a
hawk in my
how right i was
not to judge
show the world
how you dance
show the world
how you love
show the world
how to make life
a pearl
shout out doubt
get the dread the
hell out of your
all my thoughts
have talked me
into the thought
to tell you to open
your heart
a mirror your only
open your heart
ask to be healed
open your heart
and see your life
being revealed
does your love
my love does
just because
does your love
my love does
just because
does your love
my love does
just because
may i share these
words of art
this is what i am
let go of everything
that is not love
let go of everything
that is not free
and you need to know
love is the bridge to
where god lives
does he live in your
heart my love
my god does
just because
when i am kind
the whole wide world
when i am kind
every thought every
word heard
when i am kind
time turns into sips
of wine
when i am kind
i find you a jewel
in my mind
let there be a
monument to this
a statue to who the
hell cares
a time and place
that cannot be
the kind of kindness
that is god's
please be kind
all the time
this is the nod
of god
i give i share
i send invites
come visit
is it time
for larry
come visit
rub a dub dub
dub in the hot
come visit
i'll warm the oil
and rub your
needy feet
come visit
a cookie or two
will end your
come visit
my touch my
hands can take
you to lala
come visit
i am at your
come visit
if you want
my want
come visit
i'll give you
round trip
the thunderbird
world black and
blue words
the sky cracks
and awakens
do you hear the
thunder call your
is this the first
time you've gone
i awoke full of fear
full of dread
there was this
incredible awe full
awe in my head
and i felt it i felt it
the thunder rumbled
and quaked my
and it went through
time here where i
am there where i
was and i knew i
was going to go where
the thunder told
the call of fear the call
of don't leave me
when you face your
fears you'll see the
face of god in the
light of sky to sod
you'll be given
feathers and the
wisdom of the
may the thunder
be your voice
may the thunder
be your touch
may the thunder
awaken all of
i'm not thinking
what i usually
i'm not thinking
what i'm usually
there is no math
to this path no
notion of motion
i must still my will
its like waiting for
a kiss its like waiting
to again hold your
this place where time
is erased this stillness
always spooks me
i can't wait i can't wait
this is madness this is
perhaps i need a master
to master the silence to
master the moment to
master the master
all i have to do is be
still and that that takes
all i have
i am empty
i hate this feeling yet i
know its all a part of the
art of healing our
to be still to be emptied
so we can still be
i ask permission
to go on a mental
a mission of mania
by a maniac
i know where you
come from i know
where you're
i laugh
another maniac
shouting get back
get back incoming
we're under attack
they are fools i say
our father they
know not what to
do with us
i can say in one
breath for thousands
of years those like
me have been put to
we change the way
people are just by
being the way we
don't be afraid
the majick is wisdom
the wisdom is
the sound of one
drum in every
one of us
the art of a million
hearts stronger than
strong the maniac
mission i'm on
we need more poems
we need more drums
may the four winds
bring the dancers
may the spirit fire
be our hearts
may the gentle rain
be our cry may the
earth be our mothers
there i go again on
another mission
dear lord sometimes
i can't stop till i'm
back on the psych
i know when i need
you then you need
i just know i just
know i'll see you
on down the
throw it on out there
see if it goes
take it to lunch
perhaps sunday
drop it in shallow
water may it shrink
or just get shorter
i have you to fight
for the art of war
if i did it right there
would be no fight
no war but the choice
is still yours
when i love someone
i only do whats best for
my love is all about
losing you are free
when you love
my sisters have always
come back to thank
step right up or perhaps
bow the fuck down
for a kiss
our pleasure has always
been our treasures
you can't buy one lick
of the bliss of our love
i am a human being
being a being of love
come get a hug
come be
i keep making love
i may be alone
but i am
waiting out my fate
waiting out my faith
i am told i have
what it takes
the stars are my
alphabet my words
i want to touch you
as deeply as you
touch me
i close my eyes
to see i lick the wind
for your scent my soul
knows you are heaven
how love can change
your brain and i don't
mind being reminded
with a kiss
you want my poems
i want your tongue
so i let the letters
linger on the tips
of my fingers
thats how i know how
to touch your soul
yes i can mend your
heart fix your head
and polish your
thats all we all need
just give me a big hug
and perhaps a kiss
when you leave
look for your poem
and see what i see
feel what i feel
i ask of you do you
do you want to have
with my words
with my tongue
thank you for your
thank you for your
i thank your tongue
for its wisdom
i thank you heavens
i thank you hells
its never now
its never then
its never never
there i go crazy
funny how you see
when you close
your eyes funny
how you feel when
you touch the one
you love
this all makes me
wonder wonder
is the eye of the
spirit the ear of
the drum you can
not hide your wings
when your touch is
like a feather
how wonder is
some pray some
chant i wonder i seek
i follow my feet
thank you for your
your empowerment
your enjoyment
i just sit here and
laugh imagine
join me in my
giggle join me
in the view clear
i want to hear the beat
of your drum i want to
see the light in your
wait for me my wisdom
wait for me
blessed be this damned
dance for me
my love won't you
dance for me
i will give you what
you need and tell the
tale of how it was given
to me
its not how great the
words its not how
great the art its all
about how great
the heart
the power of two
at the speed of might
life squared
to curl our worlds
around this world
we can do so much
more together
the power of two
i won't do alot of
things for me but
i will do them all
for you
i can show you the
little things that
make life with living
i can give you
my word
and i say again
my friend it seems
my path goes
in between
hallucinations and
these paths of pathos
thats how i've earned
my wings
i can fly but i'm not
going to fly away
without you
to slip through the
white and the blue
of the sky inside
to soar
you and me me and
you the power of
i hope you don't mind
my brothers the buzzards
or the hawks through
our thoughts
we have work to do
we have the power
of two
and straight into my arms
you will run and straight
into my arms you will
run and straight into my
arms you will run
i don't remember who said
it but i sure do feel it
the yearning
the burning
the longing
to belong
another long night of
longing all night
i am long long
over due
all i can do is love you
here right here without
my prayers my promises
my chants my poems
my gratitude
calls out for you
i know how the words
feel thats how i feel
you thats how i touch
you thats how i make
do thats how i make
love poem
and straight into your
arms i will run and
straight into your arms
i will run
words are like rocks
its great to hear them
the stones will stone
you with a whisper
use any stick to rule
it measure it mix it
use it the utility of
a wand that goes
beyond the pebble
in my shoe
sit and share in the
silence be quiet be
close your eyes and
listen you'll see
the sacred talk
what you are saying
to the rocks is what
the rocks are saying
to you
don't be afraid
to let it all go back down
into the hell hole
she is a head case
she is fatal
she is kitten
if you ever need to stop
the tug of war with the
devil just let go of
the rope
if you have no enemy
within then your enemies
can not harm
the dark is not the darkness
i have watched the night
watch you
there is a mystery in the
heart there is a majick on
your fingertips there is a
creation in the soul
and the night is always
just a day
i bloom in the light
of the moon may i be
your shadow my eyes are
streaming i see you
gleam you are my dream
may i give you my moon
beam may i give you my
i have been told
this is perfection
you can tell
from my lack of babble
i've had many travels
i can twist the words
into a fist or my hands
can take you to la la
i can make love
i will touch you as much
as you love to be touched
the restless flesh
i crave
therapy the nipple
i ache
the fury the fury
the dangling
yes you have
heard it all before
but the feel is fresh
and new like everytime
i touch you
i hope you don't mind
being reminded
i hope my words are
worth the time to rhyme
them shine them you
can climb them
my words give me a
intimacy there is a beauty
a gift a spirituality to my
the letters are the petals
at your feet
do you want to go on
tour first my heart then
i just got high and i just
wanted to say hi your
i kind of just rattled off
all these words
i connected the dots
star to star to star
i am tried and true
deeply in love
with you
hand in hand
do you want the best
endless caress
you can leave your love
on my lips
i want a mouthfull i
need a nightfull
you are the one i want
on the tip of my
are you tasty
taste me
the harder i get the
more gentle my touch
the more i love you
the more i know
our love will
i do not want possession
i want passion you are
not an object
love is a pure fire
a sacred scar
you need my courage
you need my crazy
the strength of love
is to hold on
the strength of love
is to let go
all we need is one brave
heart to lead the way
all we need is each other
sister and brother
i want to get there
the end of my search
i want to get there
i want to feel your kiss
and see your face in
love is a pure fire
i braid the flames
you are worth the
pain you are my
gentle rain
may you softly
rock me
i see them
in the clouds
the shape changers the
rain makers
a view to tell you
holy shit look at that
a shape as great as a
i bow to thee
the cloud people are
i've dropped my jaw
to the ground many
times in awe
if you saw what i saw
you would applaud
your heart would be
joy your eyes would be
the sky is only as wide
as your mind
the beings only last for
a moment yet what you
see is what you need
for a jubilee a celebration
of the mystery
you'll see a strong sense
of encouragement
they can make you laugh
for days
try to tell others and nope
you're just insane
but goddamn
thank you my people
my church the forest
the sky the steeples
my deepest gratitude
to the cloud
i close my eyes
and you touch
with the smooth
mood that surrounds
you soothe softly
you bless me
do you hear my body
sing to you
do you feel my body
reach for you
you bring me peace
you take away my
my gift to you is
your gift to me
blessed be
you mend me
there are no more chains
locked in my brains
there is no more space
for a crazy eight
the ache
may you take your place
in the love of my
next to the shrine of
saint antagonize
within the palace of
chalice and phallus
you can make a great
heart greater
my total surrender is
my total release
your arms still hold
me when you go
when i close my eyes
my whole body sings
and here you are in
my art
when i think of you
why not poem you
it was so hard
it was simple
softly larry softly
rock me
i still have to tread
that single thread
i just know my
heart will always
lead me to
i hear the drumming
its coming from your
here comes your poem
soaring through my
thoughts like a
what i love most about
what i am is when you
see me in you
and you understand
welcome to my world
of words welcome to
the world of healers
welcome to the
welcome to larry
its ok if a go a little
love is never sane
i have had many
journeys through
the flame
my love my love
all i'll do is what
you know is best
for you
knock on my door
and open your heart
to the world
this ain't about you
this ain't about me
yet this is the we the
we we see the we we
the hollow reed
we are completly
this is not a burden
this is not an obligation
this is the desire
this is the fire
the spirit has sparked
in our hearts
learn the burn
braid the flames
focus on staying
knock on my door
once more
when i need you then
i know you need
i can guide you through
the hell of being
you can touch me
deeply you know how
much i need a womans
listen up
the way we heal ourselves
is the way we heal the
when you are ready
knock on the door of the
hear you name called
you wont become
anything but your genuine
you won't do anything
but love
you won't go anywhere
you are already
none of us can stand
alone unless of course
you are stone
how the hell are they
gonna bronze this
goofy grin
will my hands keep
erect my penis
the best part of me
can't be seen
will you show
my tongue
i don't think standing
here forever is much
you need not cast my
tasks for they are
honor me for what
i did not do
i know you don't know
my sacrifice the sacred
maybe just throw the
statue in hell thats
where i'll be
if you really want to
honor me plant a
and visit occasionally
leave a poem on my
lips and every once
in awhile i'll wink at
you as you wipe the
pigeon poo off me
please honor me
for what i did not
my heart beats in
time beats with rhyme
beats in my mind
for you
you are my dream
come true
i'm not going to try
to tell you why it won't
make any sense at
just know you are my
you are a life long
ask for the gift of wings
find your own voice
drink from my cup
of kindness
then you'll know why
i rejoice why i sing this
song all night long
why i am proud my heart
beats this loud
you make a great heart
focus on staying sane
and let your love go crazy
go crazy go crazy go
throw away your brain
let go of all that is not
may you finally feel
free and may you feel
in love with me
you make a great love
the kindness is
all i meant is
all i meant is
i give you answers
so you know what
an answer is
i won't be done till
the wisdom comes
i'm living proof of
living proof
please believe these
prayers of my
please be my companion
my union my communion
teach me your body and
soul join me head to
i feel blessed
one day you'll know
what i meant when
i say you are heaven
i want no more of
my tears are joy
my release completely
again i have been touched
clear through
purge me purge me
my love with the light
of love with the might
of love with the sight
of love
my smile is miles deep
and miles wide across
the sky
my heart my heart my
heart soothed and
i'm not trying to fill
your head with a great
you know its not you
but you can see what
the spirit can do
you can see what we
as a we can do
thats why they call
me ucandoit and you
do it with love
its true
be a love be a bridge
to the love in our
hearts where god
tell whoever is there
larry loves sent
you are being love
and being loved
its true
you see in your heart
the true you
you see in your heart
what can be achieved
i am impared
impared i say
my clock is broken
i can't see past the
next time i see
i am not allowed
a peek into the
yet i need to know
our fate
what we will love
what we will hate
what will we lose
what will we take
there is a given
i know we will be
our love is our
might i sense this
every night
you can see by the
fire you are my
cherished desire
our love is our
i build it strong
i build it right
i build it sweet
i love the wander
lust i love the wonder
lust i love the lust
that never
yet you tame in me
the wildest beasts
so this is what i
want the next time
time allows me to
see you
i want our love to be
to be the best love
and i want our love
to be for forever
dip me in your
stillness and lick
me smooth
make me ripple
sip me in your
silence slip me in
your alliance
may your heart
be my guidance
may i comply
may your lips
always seek a love
so sweet so complete
you can taste
lash me my love lash
me outlast me you have
always said
ask me
your tongue your
tongue hotter than the
my love my love
my liquid
for the sake of my ache
please naked me
as much as i want
i know you want
hell can't hold a match
to the fires of love
i must get in
i must get out
i suffer my want
i suffer my lust
the most beautifull
feelings i have felt
are the days i think
of you and the many
ways i touch you
i don't want to take
more i want to give
i want to give more
i want to give more
i want to give more
i want to give body
and soul
how many times
must i cry before
i realize its only
this stuff god is
made of

my deepest attraction
you see you see
my god my god
you see
you have the sophia
the wisdom
the intuition
the third eye
the eye in the palm
of your hands
you make the strongest
you are one of her
doves one of her drums
one of her children
may you be one of her
to me a kindred
welcome to the temple
welcome to my soul
you have always been
my anticipation my
elation my inner
i remember our walks
with the hawks
i saw i was in awe
this was our bond
our spirit song
she brings us together
i have her crown
you have her
every time i see you
lasts forever
every time you touch
me i just soar
every time i touch
you i just roar
we are healers
healers once
go right right left
your turn to heal
your time to work
with the divine
in your heart in your
soul in your
your light lights
your way
make time stand still
make time do your
don't be afraid to let
your thrills spill
don't be afraid to
spiritually nod and
this too is how god
loves you
i looked for your
shadow and i saw
the light
holy shit is it
your fate is to
your love your love
every nook and
cranny just like
moon mother
in my mind you have
the love shine you are
all aglow
and yes yes i can see
i can see i can see
your halo
your halo of the sacred
i can see your beam
is the light the light
of my dreams
i am one
of a million suns
all rolled up
into one
on the tip of my
the first time i saw
you i knew you saw
me too
after i saw you
i knew my dreams
were coming soon
pure and
i let the past go
yet i know why you
are here why things
are so clear
why i see you so
the only way i can say
it rightly these four little
you are my vision
i knew i couldn't do it
alone or on my own
i have been yearning
all my life for this
power of two
pure and
with you all i can see
is clearly
i keep my eyes open
for you
all i can hear is clear
the bowl clear the
for the medicine
of our souls
there is no way no
reason to keep this
you are my vision
at night and in the
early morning
when i close my eyes
all i need to see is
you smiling over
love light
the softest lips
bring the deepest kiss
the deepest
the deeper the roots
the taller the tree
the deeper the water
the calmer the sea
the thing i remember
most was one of the
crazies on a psych
ward once told me
venus has a moon
in the shape of a
the deeper the insanity
the greater the
blessed blessed be
i have the deepest
love the greatest want
the best caress
you feel like dusk
soft in focus
i must i must i must
goddamnit i must
i won't i won't
let go
i can't i know
i know your name
you make a great
life greater
you are the twilight
of the night you are
the autumn light
of my life
every tree wants to
grow next to me
all the flowers give
me their powers
the leaves all race
along side me
you know what i
mean when i say
i see miracles
miracles i say
i see miracles
every day in your
the greatest gift in
my life is you my
love my autumn
i get flesh and bone
spirit stoned to journey
home in my heart alone
with you
my brothers the buzzards
say good job as they fly
really low and directly
they love your poems
to share our medicine
to stop the suffering
to start the giggling
we can be a spiritual
crew me and you
there is nothing wrong
there is nothing wrong
there is nothing wrong
we just got to get it
you are the one i want
on the tip of my
you will always be
a poem of my love
you will always touch
me lightly
you will always make
me cry with
my tongue
reaches for you
like a flower to the
every time i see you
you are brighter hotter
higher lighter
i enjoy looking up
to you
i share i swear
cup your hands and
i will pour for you
these pearls these
i balance the incredible
intensity i balance the
deepest sexuality i
balance the greatest
as i tread a single
taught by spiders
taught by desires
taught to love
don't try
you just are
the stars
i love you being
love i love your beam
shining for me
please help me make
every mistake it takes
to learn to show my
my weaknesses have
always become my
may i become stronger
than strong in your
arms naked and
flesh and spirit one
like forefinger and
then touch me touch
me with your tongue
taste me
i will do the same
this is my crave this is
my blaze this is the
flicker the flaw of my
this is how it feels
to be insane
may i clink with you
may we drink to the brink
drink to long life drink
to love light
may we drink life in gulps
and soar the gusts of
you whose love shines
you who loves larry loves
you who shines for
you make a great poem
my gentle touch is a great
strength your light touch
is a great love up there
some where above
smiling over me
jesus jesus
good god god
what have you done
this gift of lighted love
i give is now given
to me
this grace within our
deep embrace
full circle full moon high
tide you
never a empty cup never
a empty pocket
you see the view clear
me what i see creates
you how you feel creates
no matter how far you are
i still see you
you are the twinkle in my
eye come to me through
the wrinkle in time
seems like i've been blind
until you touched me
i thought i knew now
i know
you are young strong
love strong touch strong
light strong
and you are willing
will your way my love
will your way
i can do it you can do it
let us be the lights of love
the brightest lights of
true loves
may we be kept
my dear i hear a heart
beat on my eardrum
wingtips bush my lips
i wake up in the morning
wanting to wake up with
you every morning
directly overhead
flying low with the cry
mama wants to say
you made her giggle
she shapes the clouds
with the words proud
of you
she is gentle she is
smooth she is soft
but goddamn does
she rock
your first thought
when you see a hawk
is hers
when you say i love
you she is talking
to you
circle the circles with
i love the way wisdom
i love the way you love
being love
may we explore tongue
to tongue
our sacred sacred
puddle puddle puddle
this morning it rained
away all my troubles
are you you are
the keeper of silence
are you you are
the wonder of stillness
the blank canvas the
empty page the mirror
dear me
i've been gifted
pour in me my love
pour in my mold the
form the designs of the
divine in my
you make a great soul
only the dark can create
the light
i braid the flames of your
need for me and my need
for you
i've tried and tried to
picture your future
and all i can see is god
is saving the best
for you
you are one of the very
you are light years ahead
of me you light the years
ahead of me
the best poem of me is the
best poem of you
my gift
may i always give you
one more page one more
of 'i love yous'
gives you the nod
my god of sod chose
you my muse
its only true when i
speak the truth
and i speak
i come from the worst
you are the best
you just don't know
it yet
its only time that keeps
time that keeps us
our union is my art
blessed be blessed be
you bring me peace
blessed be blessed be
when you feel my
love just say
blessed be blessed be
and sing with me
blessed be blessed be
good god god
blessed be