SPIRIT SPARK MY HEART -------- ©2016 Lawrence A. McFadden all rights reserved
here it comes here
it comes here it
the wisdom
there it goes there
it goes there it
hey come back here
wisdom i'm not done
making my decision
dear wisdom
dear wisdom
come bless me
with intuition
i need my crazy
i have the courage
dear wisdom
spirit spark my
heart spirit spark my
heart spirit spark my
make my tongue
my flame
may i light the way
come wisdom come
visit us today
guide us surprise us
lead the way
on the tip
of my tongue
the hands of a man
the touch of a
i cannot take
i must be
nobody wants to see
me naked yet i have
the best caress
my kiss is endless
i can turn you into a
puddle i know your
wants i know your
may we bathe in the
blaze of our
may you give what
you are given
i still will
reach out to me reach
this is my show my
shadow my knowing
may i touch you
don't you want my
all i can say is it makes
life worth it
please outlast me please
forgive me don't tease
i am mad i am at rest
i am at peace the madness
the gladness of
is your heart big enough
for me
i'm only looking for
kindness the timeless
rhyme the gentle
the soft the smooth
the lust
kiss me before you say
no kiss me before
you go
your kiss will last me
a lifetime there may be
a tear there may be
a poem
its your lips my love
please one more kiss
one more embrace one
more taste
your smile is my
living grace
takes really deep roots
to fly
takes a selfless self takes
a egoless ego to let
i'm always telling myself
to get the fuck out of my
lets see if the spirit has
something to say
i'm searching for a direction
and i'm given directions
silence just might be the
biggest mirror of them
the stillness is still in my
mind i pause in awe
to stop to be told
first thing i want to do
is hit the road to wander
my soul
i dont care where i just
need to go there
and this is as far as i've
that was a million miles
ago that was one day
a million days ago
yet it happened only
it doesn't make much
sense but who said it
has to make sense
if its not real to you
who said its not real
to me
you can't take away
the love i felt the
beauty i saw
in you and in me
the only thing left to do
is to tell tomorrow i'm
on my way i'll be there
in a second
i close my eyes
to see with my heart
here comes the visuals
0f visual art hear comes
the words hear comes
the verbs
another puff
another sip
the creative
i've learned to go
anywhere it goes
to go anywhere it
takes me
it makes me proud
to be this crazy
i'm proud to be
this free
yet i am humble
just you and me
with our eyes closed
with our hearts
words words words
we choose only
a few
to touch
then the poem is
i say welcome welcome
to the divine welcome
welcome to
just a little off
the top kinda just
lower the ears perhaps
a trim to my
i want to shout up
and out you remind me
of reality
stop telling me whats
wrong stop spreading
the disease
i'll fix your head
mend your heart
polish the soul
i'll fix your head
mend your heart
polish the soul
i'll fix your head
mend your heart
polish your soul
may you be a flower
i can empower
may you be a tree
and grow next to me
i'm as scard scared
and sacred as you
want to see my
what did life say
to you
what didn't you do
what didn't you do
what didn't you
a poem
this mornings glory
who am i in love
with today
what must i say
what must i hear
what must i feel
a page within a page
within a page
i haven't said anything
new in the last thirty
its all been love
fresh and true
sometimes beautiful
sometimes wonderful
sometimes not
call me sir iflopalot
people call me names
a noun or two or three
i'm new?
i've only been here for
61 fucking years
singing a song thousands
of years long
fame is like a bad
neighbor inviting you
to a cook out
i cringe
some say i must take
the worlds stage
no i say i am home
to stay
i may be alone but
every morning brings
a poem of
i still remember
that i'm taken back
into the past taken back
years ago
i'm in the here and now
yet there i go taken
back years ago
my first memory is a
taste i taste in awe
like a fine wine it gets
better all the time
just add a little past
and be amazed
one day you may see
today years ago
and today is just like
any other day
all rolled into one
one moment of yesterday
in one moment of today
may there be a monument
to this moment
an actual statue
of time
zero ego
and selflessness
this is how i write
like this
open your heart
for a spirit
braid the flames
and call it
who do you love
and when did it
i choose the words
or do the words
choose me
like a song that just
floats along in one
ear and out the
like a good lover
these words are simple
these words are free
i hope you'll see you'll
like a hollow reed
clear through me
blessed be the spirit
indeed in deed
it ain't me
i'm just the vessel i'm
just the words all i do
is voice my love pure
and true
and yes you'll hear it
the spirit talking
to you
out of the blue
comes a kiss from you
i'd know those lips
the ones who
the wizards and demons
are scheming and screaming
at me
to rule you
but thats something i just
won't do
i think thats why you
kissed me
to leave this poem
on my lips
the puff the sip the kiss
of the creative
i know there are
a thousand kisses between
us a thousand wishes in our
hearts a thousand poems
is just the start
the kiss of kisses
truely the gift the bliss
of art
i want to touch
i want to give you
is it ok if i never go
is it ok if i think of
you all day and ache
for you all night
i sense a kiss on your
lips i see my love
in your eyes
everytime we hug
i fall deeper and deeper
in love
hold my hand and i'll
know you under
twilight talks
in my night time
i know i'm being
carefully and closely
how many light years
to that star i know
thats where you are
i love to see you smiling
down on me
i am a child of the moon
sometimes the old fool
in the moon sometimes
a moonbeam in my dreams
of you
you cannot hold me like
the comfort of the night
unless you have a woman's
touch and willing lips
to sip
dipped in love light and
licked smooth
the deeper the sweeter
the rock hard muse
taught me to softly touch
you like the breath of
the new
i focus on staying sane
knowing the night is
just a day away
be my lust of light
beam my lust of life
this is my art
i can always find you
in my heart
i believe you can always
find me
i am a spark a gleam
a dream a beam in the
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
i am a human being being
a being of love
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
the sum of all worth
is peace on earth
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
you will always find the
strength to find the truth
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
are you the kind of kind
whose kindness will heal
the earth
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
may i touch you as much
as you love to be touched
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
what more can i do
after i poem you
i spread a little light
i spread a little love
serpent of fire
serpent of fire
serpent of fire
protect this child's
break of day
break of day
break of day
take the darkness
let me dream with
open eyes
river of life
river of life
river of life
lead me back to the
sea of my soul
tongue tied wide
tongue tied wide
tongue tied wide
call my prayer
my thirst
my beloved
my beloved
my beloved
feed my eyes
your vision
good god god
good god god
good god god
my god of sod
give me your
jesus jesus
jesus jesus
jesus jesus
why must we suffer
why must we bleed
my love
my love
my love
i am you
i've been through
four or five psychotic
i could draw you a map
of the path through
and yes you should have
turned left at Albuquerque
the crack of reality
therapy the nipple
turn your eyes
give me your pain
the broken wing the
peg leg the lame
madness is a monster
that guards a door
to the treasures of
the soul
and only the crazies
know we are the gifted
ones we are blessed
we are not mentally
ill if we were we would
have to include you and
everyone else
all i can say is fuck you
fuck you fuck you
we are not sick
and the ones that are
you don't even know
how to fix
thats why i went
indigenous instead of
being locked up acting
out warehoused on some
VA psyhc ward i was
blessed with shamans
apprenticeship blessed
by the goodness of the
i have healed i have the
gift of touch i have the
gifts of the ancient
i am a human being
being a being of love
being a being of light
yep i'm crazy crazy
all i can say is thank
you thank you thank
put a piece of peace
in your heart and
watch it grow
put gods silence
in your soul and
share a bowl
everything i do
loves you
silence and stillness
my chores your smile
my world touch me
touch me once
love is a thread i'm
taught to tread
to keep keeping my
its hard fought
every desire wants
to tag along
i get higher and
higher every touch
a fire every burst
of sun rung by rung
every night every
night every night
the flame calls my
i can see
what is not
do you listen
for the silence
has your song
come along
why can't i
stay still
every step a
dance each breath
hotter than the next
i offer my touch
i offer my tongue
do you know
what you have
every time i touch
you is fresh and
when you touch me
i see deeply when
you touch me i open
when you touch me
i am no longer
when you touch me
its the greatest poem
ever spoken
touch is a verb
your touch is the very
word of god
my touch is my answer
my hands are the
flesh and spirit one
like fore finger and
flesh and spirit one
like touching
spirit spark spirit
spark spirit spark
my heart
the flame of love
the flame of art
are you ready
take my hand
and lets start
being receiving
believing the time
has come bring us
the wisdom the wisdom
come bring us the
wisdom the wisdom
you are the light
years ahead of
your fate is to
my chore is to see
my job is poetry
my want is to touch
you the way you
touch me
my brain won't ever
be the same
theres no way i'm
ever going to stay
good god god
just point the way
to the crazies
just point the way
to heaven
jesus jesus
you give me the
power of love
the flower the dove
her drum the medicine
the vision
good god god
what have you done
my hands my heart
my soul my love me
you and the moon
my tongue
all rolled into one
you say one world
one heart one love
i say behold
one flame one
i'm a bloomin
a human
how may i serve
my heart
may i bless you
with an i love you
may i touch you
with my art
may i thank you
with my tongue
with these hands
with this heart
with this spirit
this is the sum
of all my kisses
this is the way
we are the ones
being beings
of love
take my hand
and i'll know you
i need more than
a hug i need more
than a kiss
wrap your lips
around this
i cannot take
i must be given
this is how it always
was this is how it
always is
to give and be
this is life
this is livin
i will be
the love i love
take it from me
make love with
its our fate
to radiate
how much more
can we be when we
are a we indeed
i will be the love
i love
free to be the
mountains the sea
the sky the trees
i'll be the want of
you when you'll be
the want me to love
i hear her call
the call to make
the greatest love
of all
i compare my words
to silence
does what i say have
the greater say
when silence says
it all
do you feel my words
do you feel my touch
what more can i say
when a kiss says
it all
you tell me when my
tongue is done
you tell me if i am
the one
when you touch
me you bless
you are my poem
when i am
i see you in my
mind all the
my heart beats
loud my heart
beats proud
little miss tree
little miss tree
grow next to
your leaves leave
me mended
lets share our sap
share our shade
share another page
share another
of i love yous
lets teach them
to touch the sky
lets give them
open hearts
let us kiss it
let us fix it
those who work
with spirit you
whose love shines
its time yes its time
to love
when her wings
bring me thoughts
bring me hawks
perhaps a buzzard
or two to say thank
perhaps a poem
or two to say i love
we are taught this
is madness blessed
be the insanity
blessed be this is
gladness this is how
the divine works
in my mind
this is the talk
of hawks
her thoughts the must
the must i must
she touches me with
your hands she kisses
me with your lips she
becomes my
she becomes my poem
she wants you to know
what i know she wants
you to see
everything you see in
me you see in your self
mirror of the soul
mirror of the sky
she wants you to fly
hear the birds they
are her verbs
when i watch them
circle low directly
overhead i just soar
and i wonder if anyone
can hear my
some say visions
are rare
but i see things
everyday i see
i see things a hundred
different ways with a
hundred different
and a thousand different
i have a mind that is
timeless a mind full of
i keep the divine in
mind and i become
my words create a view
clear through what appears
to be reality
the epitaph reads
gee i didn't think of that
close your eyes and look
with your heart
close your eyes and
don't you see
close your eyes and
i am astounded
astounded i say
why ain't more
vaginas happy
why don't more
cocks rock
where is mister
can your nipples
come out to play
when was the last
time you were nut
to but
when was the last
time it felt so good
so right you think
of it every
do you hear
a stadium cheer
when you touch
damn it girl when
was the last time
you had any fun
i want it just as bad
as you
i want it just as good
as you
i would do it all all
the time our bodies
our hearts our souls
our minds would be
in rhyme
all you need to do
is just to whisper
these four little words
just say
i would love to
i can see
what i think
i can feel
everything around
i have been
my greatest task
is what i did not
i am god's greatest
how fast i fall in
how i can never math
the path
why am i always
yet i am willing willing
to have the power
of love
i hear god giggle how
i was once so broken
now my heart is always
i touch you
you close your eyes
and sigh
you allow my hands
to take you to la la
i know this mends
you so deeply so
i loved your grin
only a false god would
call this a sin
i felt your want
now i know your
i touch you the way
a flame flickers
i touch you the way
a spark ignites the
i touch you the way
the world burns
i am peace i am
happiness i make love
i think of your touch
and i feel no longer
the touch of your
tongue i know you
want me to come
please please me
all i want to do is
pleasure you i want
to be your greatest
treasure ever
teach me your body
and soul and i will
teach you my touch
i will teach you all
all i know
i am on bended knee
i scream to the sky
please please
i ache
but i've been rescued
rescued by love by
being the love
i love
the only thing i've ever
done right is to love
to love the light love
is my might
i am peace i am
happiness i make love
this is my lover
this is my
i will be the love
i love the love i love
the love i
yep thats me
it keeps me healthy
happy and free
how strong my love is
is up to me
there is no no
i only have one tongue
with lots of loves
is your heart big enough
for me big enough for the
moon too big enough
for the sea
what good is a heart
that just doesn't
what good is a touch
you just can't feel
your heart won't work
until you break it
your heart can't touch
till you crush it
you have no strength
until you feel a heart
you could not find love
unless love was
you could not find love
unless love was
there is great love there
is wisdom there is art
in a open heart
the spirit spark i love
being a being of love
i know when i'm being
love i am being loved
i want to be the love
the bridge to the love
in your heart where
god lives
i walk in grace
i know not where i go
i walk in grace
i let go of all control
i walk in grace
all the birds say hello
i walk in grace
above as below
i walk in grace
sometimes you just
need to be
i walk in grace
sometimes you just
need to be
i walk in grace
sometimes you just
need to be
i walk in grace
everywhere i go
i walk in grace
this is my path
my road