YOU HAVE MY WORD -------- ©2015 Lawrence A. McFadden all rights reserved
for nicole

i miss your kiss
therapy the nipple
your tongue the
my forest on fire
my heart ache
my pleasure forever
and ever
i love your love
you are all i think
when i need to touch
you i know you need
to be touched
i know this is love
because i can see
i can see no end
i know this is love
because you are in
my heart you are
in my art
i reach out and you
touch within
i want a hand full
i want a mouth full
i want a night full
i want a life full
look into the stars
look into the cards
i look into you
and i am rock
i think of you
and laugh at all
the things my tongue
wants to do
may i again fill your
cup with my
our intimacy
is deeper deeper
than the sea
i have tasted your
tears helped free
your fears i still
hear you respond
to my touch
your plea of touch
me mend me
i bow to thee
taller tree
you give me an
inner strength
i can see
you bless me with
our love with our
kiss with our
and like the love
of all great lovers
i feel
we have healed
you gave me
the best compliment
yet when we met
you said you knew
i would not harm
before you shut your
heart down for repairs
i was in there
with the vibe of my
caress we cleaned
up the mess
in the hardest of
winter we melted
all the shards
the power of two
through the worst
views of your life
you were brave
you would not be the
victim or the slave
and you gave me the
greatest gift i learned
your kiss
i love how your body
responds to my
gone is the darkness
gone is the break
gone is the tear
gone is the pathos
gone is the fracture
you are now stronger
than strong
you are now my
voice my
follow along
i sing your song
your tongue chose
me sweetly
your kiss makes
the rest of the world
your touch is a flood
of love a flood of
your body the temple
your lips my lust
my caress the
come with me come
with me come with
me it is you
i seek
these poems are the
petals at your
the party of your
eyes the party of your
smile the party of
your lust
the jem of a poem
the touch of my
the we-ness of my
penis the dangling
the slow poke
all i can say is on
this page
all i can feel
is you
right between the
eyes right between
the thighs
we have to earn our
right to party we have
to make it right keep
it right say it right
do it right
right right right
all fucking
i'm just glad you
don't think theres
anything wrong
with me
except maybe just
a little bit
thank you very much
for my lust
most of the time
its just my imagination
and me
i can see vividly
i do what we do
i hope you don't mind
when you come to
all i need to do
is kiss you
and a thousand thoughts
talk me into the
to taste you
your kiss is the closest
i've ever come to
i know you know
how hard it is
to stop
tell my tongue
you too want to
do you see me
vividly do you see
the divine comedy
in me do you see
your kiss brings me
to my knees
i hope you don't mind
when i've come
to mind
my thoughts of you
the words tumble
this page of desire
might just catch
on fire
you are the one
i want on the tip
of my tongue
your no rips me
i am nude against
nude i am hard
against hard i am
hip against hip
nut to but
i want more and
you look bored
then you grin
your lips my
your nipples ripple
and ripple
i feel the bliss you
feel when you feel
you can kiss the hell
out of me
take away my ache
your yes and i am
i was given a colorfull
vision you said hi
and i almost
my dear
i feel your fingers
in my beard
i cup your breasts
the best caress the
vibe of our lives
may our tongues
never rest
please offer me
this please offer
me one more
one more time
i'll lose my mind
i offer you this
a life long kiss
a life long bond
of our lips
a life long song
can you hear
the jem
of the poem a mile
high a mile deep a
smile a mile long a
mile sweet
so complete
may i rub your needy
your thought feels
your thought heals
i see you i taste you
its not a need or a
want its a ache a ache
i must embrace
i know the ways words
feel the ways words touch
the jem
i can feel you feel me
this is our love our
wisdom our touching
tongues the gift
the jem
this vision of
i choose these words
or do these words
choose me
each word a step
each word a breath
of love a breath of
fresh air a breath of
i care
i have the view of you
through a hundred odd
i hear you through a
thousand drumming
and every one is on the
tip of my tongue
every one a poem of
love every one a scene
in my dreams every one
becomes a beat of my
this is me making love
poem these are the gifts
of the alphabet
its like writing the word
peace on every leaf
its the view clear through
its me wanting to touch
wanting to touch
you see your eyes
are the universe
hear this your ears
the buddha verse
your lips kiss
every word
your tongue likes
my verbs
yet the best yet the
best is yet to
i hear the sounds
all around and yes
we are glory
our hearts beat
our hearts beat
our hearts beat
our hearts lead
the way
page after page
after page we
another day another
yes thats right
we'll show 'em
our spirit light our
love our might
our path to glory
our love story
i heard the thunder
clap the lightning from
earth to sky
it was so close but what
scared me the most
it happened only once
and i was writing a
poem to you at the
i thought and thought
i was worried but all
i could say is holy shit
ha ha you missed
the sky is only as wide
as your mind
yes this was a sign
a shake up to wake
i don't mind being
there is a purpose
to these poems
way beyond my control
these are the prayers
of my soul
i find your mirror
thats how i
i find your heart
thats how i
i find your joy
thats how i
i find your want
thats how i
to feel your body
respond to feel our
tongues touch
time stops in a lip
my crave to caress
is endless
to stop would be
senseless to stop
would be needless
to stop would be
i only want to make
time stop with our
lip lock
i know you'll always
come back for larry
i know when you need
me then i need
we are the power
of two nude in deed
nude in this our
it is the night
that rhymes with sight
rhymes with light rhymes
with might the
i'm just being a human
being being a being
of love
you whose love shines
and you miss v you
are the v of love the
v of alive the v of how
we fly
and a bowl full of weed
is our victory
my hands throb my lips
pulse i lick the wind
for your scent
your kiss is heaven
bound and heaven
my words turn to fire
i braid the flames
some call this insane
but this is the pureness
the pureness of my love
the fire the pureness
the pureness of my
now hear this
now hear this
holy shit i must be
back aboard
i would not marry
in the navy i would
not put my wife through
what my mom went
four kids and a
husband always at
nope i broke that chain
right then and right
don't thank me for
being in the military
its what navy families
do so i did
i did what i wanted
to do nuclear reactor
technician on board
a submarine
96 days the summer of
1975 underwater
spied on the russians
i caught a really good
case of PTSD
and tried to bow out
gracefully i was clinically
diagnosed 7 times 7
different ways
you can thank me by
giving me the care i
need in times of need
for the times spent
at sea
it was that greek guy
that said only the dead
know the end
of war
so help us disabled
veterans please invest
billions more in arms
legs and penises
give us the care we need
in our times of
my mind at play
i weigh every thought
before i give it a
i must crack open
the prose i must
choose thorn or
my thought the oughts
and the ought nots
i must go where time
does not
the path from first
word to the last as
the world of words
swirls and swirls
i mine my mind
all the time
and there take that
the jem the jem of
a poem
heart felt art blood
lust quotes liquid
the running of my
tongue the leap of my
all i want is a kiss
all i want is a sip
what more can i do
after i poem
there there
up in the air
there there
i care i care
i am witness
i am completion
i am a job
well done
i close my eyes
and hone in
this is where the
adventure begins
the greatest feat
is following your
seek seek i say
one peek of the
divine one touch
of kindness
one kiss
i think of you
and i felt
your lips
i climb to your
tongue rung by
ring that temple
bell show us heaven
show us hell
we begin skin on
skin our want our
need to be touched
to be oiled
the ache of our bodies
the ache of our lives
you make this world
worth it
i see you in my mind
all the time i see you
through these words
i see you through this
my touch is your
desire my hands
touch you all the
way through
tell me in a kiss
what you see when
you touch me

i want to see
your words shine
i talk to your picture
in my mind
i can hear you listening
everything i want to do
now takes two
may i bring to you
a bouquet of i love
you taught me how
to touch you
how your body responds
fills my heart with
and goddamn man
the whole wide world
is singing singing
my dark eyes cry
i have a healers hands
yet my love is always
out of reach
there is a tree in me
the tree of poetry
i have written peace
on each leaf
the earth and i
the sky and i
the sea and me
you and me
i dream with open
eyes i see with an
open heart i have
a knowing i sense
do you sense this
in me
i am the bridge
in between every
in between
i'm just an old fat
lazy hippie
you will only find
me when you look
for love
i hope you'll see
you'll see
you can fly inside
i know the feather
is madness but they
are wings of gladness
wings of joy
taught through the
hawks through your
and the doves call of all
your loves
i say let go of everything
that is not love
i say let go of everything
that is not free
keep your heart pure
your mirror clean
ask for a task
give me what i give
touch me take my ache
to touch you
take my ache to make
love with you
lets touch tongues and
come and come back
for more
yes my love my love
lets soar
may i make a mess
of your lipstick
may i bite your
neck nibble your
may i probe below
you roll your eyes
to the sky i hear
your sigh your body
cries i want to be
tongue tied
i want to be licked
to death
i want to be the best
that came from the
other side of forever
i want our sex to be
sacred our touch to
be true our love to be
this is my vision
of you
i'm looking for new
words to see you in
new ways
every poem a thank
you every poem a
i love you
i'm taught to keep
open my heart to
keep open my mind
to keep open my
the only words i want
to hear from you is
i would love to
please leave a poem
on my lips with your
i feel how you feel
these words thats
how i touch
my tongue is never
word to word
tongue to tongue
never done untill
you come until
i fly
through the third
eye and land in the
eye in my hands
your love my wings
to touch lips we
i'm just an old fool
my darling my ding-
a- ling
i have nothing to be
ashamed of i have
no regrets
all i have is the best
how many times
can you say that
that that that that
that that that that
to smile to giggle
to laugh outloud
atop a thunder
if i did not have these
delusions of grandeur
my life would really
when you know its
real you feel it in your
heart in your soul
i cannot contain this
love that sustains
its fun to find the words
to touch you on the tip
of my tongue
i make love poem
poems from above
and my love my love
i am told to let fly
our souls
funny how the flicker
of the flame makes
the way the smoke
plays from the
simple delights
from the puff
of a pipe
the shadows on the
wall dance and fall
like nothing at
nothing but a
this is the rest of my
life the best of my
the gifts of my life
the only thing missing
is a kiss may i have
a sip
i see the moon shine
on your bare
i feel the wind slip
between the sheets
a whole night of
holding you
my hands at your
the fun to touch
you with the tip
of my tongue
come along this is
my vagabond song
feel free to belong
to me
this is my gift
i have the strength
to hold on i have
the strength to let
kiss me before you
say no
feel free to love
feel free to love
wear your life
its the boredom
that drove me
its the wisdom
that keeps me
if you keep going
half way you'll never
get there
you must know
you have to be able
to tell you are right
where you are
no matter how near
no matter how far
you are always within
this is my peace
lets go walk
the beach