I was born July 2, 1954 and have been writing poetry for thirty years. Sometimes in a whisper and sometimes in a roar. I try to find the crack in prose that allows the language to speak, the heart to feel and the mind to experience and explore. I seek the true meaning, the essence, of thought and feeling not as objects but as a process. What is in me is in you. We are all as one. Being able to identify truths allows me to find the passion and the process can be purely erotic. I also find that spirituality is squarely rooted in sexuality. There is a common language between the two that i add a thread of reality to and try to make sex the beautiful blessing i believe sex to be. To give an experience to the reader is my goal in writing for others. I am trying to touch you with words. The fire in me is the same fire in you.

We all burn as one.